125 Best ELF On The Shelf Doll Cute Christmas Holiday Decorating Ideas – Funny & Creative

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More than 125 ideas for decorating with your ELF ON THE SHELF doll. These are some of the cutest and most creative ideas you will find. Sure to entertain both you and your kids!

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Lillie Brett says:

Elf on the Shelf! We’re so excited to start this new Christmas tradition
with our little one this year! :)

Spring Howell says:

Some parents are bad they hide there elf and stuff.i have to wonder full
girl elfs! They are awesome and my mom doesn’t mess with them! You guys
need to stop with your complaining saying it’s fake! I’m sick of parents
telling there kids there fake! My elfs are real because my elfs put flower
all over the table and my elfs made snow angels in it and my Mom would
never!!!! I mean never!!! Put flower all over the table! So stop telling
your kids there fake!!!

sydney ohl says:

you guys are dumb because the elf actually moves on its own if you believe
in it santa and christmas magic my parents never even touch my elf

Juliana Chiarilli says:

i have the same barbie camper at 0:11! lmao

Sadie Moore says:

You little fucker

Rich M says:

i do not like this because what happens if your kids see this and they
do not belive in santa claus no more because the elf on the shelf is
contral by santa claus and im a kid and i saw this and non of it is
cool or funny it was boring

gianna foofie says:

Parents dont pse the elfs prbebly you do cause you touch them and take away
there magic thats why you have to move THEM!i have to chris is a boy and i
have a girl which is winter. And they are not fake! Then how do you explain
when i left my elf a note and then no one was in the house we were going
somwher and the only thing that was in my house was my cat so…BOOM!!!!

Montana Murrell says:

Don’t touch the elf it will save a life!ps they can really move it moved in
my moms classroom she works at my school we left with eachother I’m 10 it
really moved!so BOOM!!

Kiatlyn Gardner says:

Why are you parents doing this? Your making us NOT BEILEIVE! What is wrong
with you!? I agree with gianna foofie, ya’ll are ruining our childhood! =(

Sydney Girl1 says:

OMG my elf’s name is on dear elf friends.

cutey puff says:

my elf put his head into the cerael box

Brenda Coward says:

Elf on the shelf is like so real even I not have a elf 

Anthony & Daria Lerro says:

this is soo funny!

tess smith says:

When do you take your elf out

Juliet Skye says:

he does some bad stuff

Livy da gamer 1926 x says:

its real dont be stupid

Kathy jenkins says:

The elf on the shift

Leslie Diaz says:

That is so cool

Angelo says:

Those are really cool and cute idea’s

Yureau Rice says:


gianna foofie says:

Ps we all left together in a group me my mom and my dad so…BOOM

Emma Kate Hamilton says:

remember don’t touch your elf

madelyn baggett says:

aww so cute i love my elf on the shelf can not wait until Christmas time so
my elf can come back

Danielle McIlwain says:

Mine stays all year round. And your right we caught mine moving

Morgan Thompson says:

So parents move the elfs?

Aurora LeBlanc says:


Kayleigh Feen says:


Jack Queener says:

It is reel

Spring Howell says:

Elfs are so adorable! 

Aria Kasumi says:

I never had one of these things. The whole idea of something moving on it’s
own when you aren’t looking creeps me out.

Perhaps I can blame the wheeping angels for that

Ali Hettenbaugh says:

i think this is the cuties thing ever!!! i have two elf on shelfs andlove
then with all my heart! i have a girl and a boy and the girls name is
mrs.chingercookie and the boys name is edward.And people out ther if you
think the elf on the shelf is fake you got promblems that are

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