7 Minutes of Pure Comedy (New 2013)

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7 Minutes of Pure Comedy (New 2013)
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ellen crews says:

I am not exactly sure why some people would call this humorous.. watching
others getting hurt shouldn’t be humorous. Doesn’t laughing at something
ease the since of seriousness in a situation? The indifference or worse
pleasure in watching the pain of other people just doesn’t sound like a
good idea because often callous indifference is the result of a slow
erosion of empathy.. and does not just disappear over night….

heather lasseter says:

Hey I am a gymnast I find the ones evolving gymnastics not funny

TheMetalhed82 says:

Do you really understand what the meaning of comedy is ?

Vague Memory says:

Pure Comedy? More like pure shit. I am so tired of false titles used to
gain views but the only thing you can do is flag the video so at least take
a few seconds out of your important video spree to flag this bullshit video.
EDIT: Click “More” right beside Share, then click “Spam or Misleading”,
then “Misleading Text” and in the box state that he is using a False title
to get views.

aeroman5000 says:

this is not funny.

Evil Subhuman White Heterosexual Cis-Gendered Male Who Should Check His Privilege And Live In Shame says:

I think you accidentally edited out the 7 minute portion of the video that
had the comedy in it.

Iso Ukki says:

1:43 Nice back Breaker…

BlackCrowNavajo says:

the way people get hurt and almost killed in this video, it could have
equally be called “7 minutes of pure shock”.. which takes me to a sad
belief that people tend to laugh and grieve over one and the same

heather lasseter says:

This Is sickening no funny I’m dislikeing and flagging 

Cliff Gaskill says:

Not even 1 second of comedy but all complete stupidity

le jordan says:

Pure dumb

Andrew M says:

not funny

Rafael Roldan says:

Too painful. Why instead of comedy, change the title to SHOCKING

Susan Martin says:

To BMR Pranks and Fails: Put yourself in any of these situations and I’m
sure you would change the title of this video.

oceandrive13 says:

2:55 fag lol

SuperDeut4 says:

Dumb. Not even funny. Waste of time!

Paul Behragam says:

0:11 khey oh ah! hey! 953 people were go- KHAAAAEY! Ay! They’re goin!
They’re goin! Haya! That was too funny!!

Covencraft says:

1:39 you’re welcome

Lord Eden says:

Utter Rubbish.
That’s seven minutes of my life I will never get back!
what a waste

ThatsCorrectYesRight says:

He’s on a motor bike I guess; lucky !

Kate Battye says:

Shouldn’t be called comedy,

yayo3036 says:

this was my face for the entire length of this video—> -____-

Gamer Shell says:

All of this in the video, is TRAGEDY and not COMEDY! :)

akyak333 says:


philip dudenhoefer says:

Don’t understand how this is considered “comedy” 

Jimbo Holo says:

Change the title dumbfuck.

BioProdigyClan says:

7 minutes of pure failures

thoha thohà says:

Non è che mi abbia poi tanto divertita.

Filip Brodén says:

you call this comedy!?!

Sonia Urra says:

I LOVE D ,..ALL THIS VIDEOS ,,,,., ,,they’re so fony ,,,HA HA HA HA HA HA
HA HA. ,

Nathan Peterson says:

hey at 4:02 i think i know that kid i was at Canobie for that glass
maze… i saw that kid get hurt

Paul Raymund Chan says:

Not exactly pure comedy..
It did show some funny moments and a lot of stupid kids doing stupid and
dangerous stunts. They can laugh now if nothing happened but wait till you
see someone had broken a neck or something. Usually stunts like these have
higher chances of getting serious injuries which can be avoided at the
first place, not tolerated.

motanelustelistu says:

7:04 Clasical Mistake : Keeping Breathe when lungs presure the heart which
can’t send the blood to “top floor” AKA BRAIN wich gives you a 20 seconds
nap :)

Robin L says:

Is this what “pure comedy” is ? Just people hurting themselves ? I mean,
some of these falls we see may cause serious injuries, paralysis or even
death for some of them… What the heck is fun about that ?
If this is all that makes you laugh, I’m sorry but you must have a serious
mental problem. But don’t worry, it’s just normal nowadays.

StraightOutGaming says:

-_- People coming in like douchebags acting like they have “proper”
moralities.All of them should all grow a pair. Like no one here has watched
a Fail Video…

Abigail-Erin Ham says:

i like it how the people giggle at themselves. 

Rylinn Gull says:

Watch from 1:54 the second guy falls backwards!

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