AFHV – Show #106

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Full episode, missing the “We’ll be right back after this.” Because the person taping this didn’t record it.

Full ABC recording from February 25th 1990.

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MOPIC says:

03:12 ~ SO FAKE.

Playing with babys lips with the finger hidden underneath the blanket.

Erik Butterworth says:

You just can’t beat the classic America’s Funniest Home Videos with Bob

No wonder I still watch Full House on Nickelodeon, especially when they go
down to Walt Disney World.

If the old AFHV is still archived somewhere, I hope they start airing it
again. Beats the new version any day…

ENZOtaki says:

Back when television was good clean fun…

Sahil Gupta says:

Wait, isn’t that the guy from Full House?

BlitzinLB27 says:

one of the dirtiest comics in America!! Bob Muthafuckin’ Saget!

Melanie Greenwood says:

What with smartphones those good old “running into the camera” moments just
don’t happen as much anymore. 

sweetlife031 says:

Please….whoever can….post ALL the episodes with Bob as host…thank

Andrew Horne says:

(5:50 – 6:25) One of my favorites.

Саня Бернюков says:

In what has been a series of video in which little girls got pizza – and
one of them began to cry and cry excitedly because I wanted to get a
children’s pizza too. And when the situation got out of control another
girl – her friend – hugged her and said, “Do not cry!” – The other, in
turn, embraced her and said – “I love you”?

Sc0rch91 says:

6:55 i moved as if it were going to hit me lol

Broadcaster1988 says:

I wonder why none of the cable networks show Bob Saget’s AFHV episodes

Dan Barker says:

Too bad no one has the first grand prize episode show.

Kevin Piland says:

Alot of people don’t like commercials for some reason.

Lucas Frasure says:

This is actually the first video I found of the 90’s AFV. It really made me
laugh! I’ve also been watching some of the other episodes uploaded by this
user and I just subscribed a few minutes ago. I can’t wait to see more 90’s

Udaya Hettiarachchi says:
Andrew Horne says:

Starting at 5:08, the music “Funny Face” by Irving Martin and Brian Lee is

oAirehko says:

Could you imagine if Bob used his own writing and material on a show like

Absolut187 says:

long island represent!

materialgirl8707 says:

AHHH! Childhood memories, always watched this with my mom and dad when I
was a little girl on Sunday nights!! Those were the days! Except for the
time when the Muppets came as guest stars, the afv with Tom Bergeron sucks!!

materialgirl8707 says:

For this one I vote for the one with the cute baby and New York New York!!

GHWTVideos says:

I don’t believe so because they had $10,000 and then the TV/VCR and
Camcorder as 2nd and 3rd .. remember? Also, good news! I have found 1 more
episode from the 1st season that is not on my computer so it will take time
for me to get it on here, I believe its episode #103 or something like that.

Derek Borland says:

Do you have any AFHV from 1997?

Michał Kałamarz says:

FUNNY VIDEO (06:42 – 07:43)

Nexcelasershock40 says:

I found out the tape couldn’t properly record the part I was talking about.
The VCR you had isn’t a good one or the tape maybe.

BCARR88ify says:

thanks for the upload Matt now whatever Season 1 episodes u have left feel
free to upload but thanks for the AFV episode

BCARR88ify says:

yea that would be good

newtimetravelhyman88 says:

job well done thumbs up

BCARR88ify says:

ok will look forwards

Chloe Lambert says:

7:30 that lamb just keeps walking confidently into the camara

BCARR88ify says:

hey if u have episode #103 in its original broadcast then by all means do
upload it

GHWTVideos says:

yeah of course ! I have to edit the last season 1 episode I have … But
I’m not sure what episode it is, it might be the 2nd episode after the
transfer to $15,000 .. or it might be the episode where it went to $15,000
… any ideas?

GHWTVideos says:

I have plans to, yet again, reupload the pilot episode because I have way
better audio! Its clear as day and makes it 1000X better. Would you
consider that a good idea?

Yash Patel says:

Full house was awesome

GHWTVideos says:

I’m currently not living at my home, I am living at my grandparents (funny
enough, I found all the AFHV here) I am waiting for my house to being
finished renovated. I don’t have an exact date where I can upload it. But
when I do know, I will tell you. Sorry for the delay.. but just know I have
not disappeared.. I will be showing you that. as well as reuploading the
AFHV Pilot with improved Stereo quality…

GHWTVideos says:

which one? Are you talking about the pilot?

jason s says:

i live in Central Islip! it is close to West Islip

BCARR88ify says:

hey Matt just wondering since its been a long while if u could upload Show
#103 of AFHV soon thanks

Nexcelasershock40 says:

12:42: Where’s the scene Ernie announcing after the Address/info.: “If you
like great magic, you’ll like this one anyway when America’s Funniest…”

GHWTVideos says:

Okay look for that in the coming weeks, next will be the next episode from
season 1 .

GHWTVideos says:

Well, if you are talking about the ones I’ve already uploaded, then you are
kind of correct, I’m still thinking about doing that. But, you will see
America’s Funniest Home Videos Pilot Episode with amazing sound quality
coming shortly!!

Lonnette Hay says:

can u do AFHV – Show #108

Kevin Loesch says:

8:38-8:57. Proof that this was before waterproof cameras were invented.

BCARR88ify says:

i think the episode where they went to $15,000 was the January 14 1990
episode i think the first “series” episode of AFV

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