Best Babies Dancing Compilation 2014 [NEW HD]

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Claudio Carvallo says:

Best Babies Dancing Compilation 2014 [NEW HD]:

Angie NaturePassionInspirationHolistic says:

adorable ♥ love LOVE love
#babies #funny #inspiration 

Rose Nguyen says:

Eros at 0:21 ♥♥♥♥

GoGo.TCsisters says:

come to my channel!cute babies dancing here★Search「Sharp and quick dancing
Babies」for youtuve!

ShootingStarDolls says:

1 comment! :)

Joy Sutadi says:

Best Babies Dancing…

Hannah Cupp says:

Is one dancing to justin Bieber?

Ashish Raghuraman says:

Does anyone know which song is played at 2:12 ? I loved the beats but dont
know which song is it…

gael gwanen says:

Best video ever lol….

TheRandomThingsChannel says:

some of these babies dance better than I do

Treacle farr says:

0:20 LOL perfect song as well

Allie S says:

Cute! But a lot of the people had there music up way too loud for a baby’s

Morgan Bieber says:

1D and jb

See Lee says:

Best Babies Dancing Compilation 2014 [NEW HD]:

kathy calderon says:

D’Awww!!! At 0:57 The little cutie dancing to 1D X’D 

Vickie Lynne says:

this made my day even better ..loved my view ..

Amy Snable says:

Who could actually dislike this video enough to thumbs down it?! Like WTF

Elyse Lecoq says:

That on 1:55 is cute

courtney froget says:

that baby at 2:10 is so cute

Boss Cat says:

very cute babies! ^.^

EudoraMarin says:

2:20 waveya!!!

Mercedes Veninga says:

So cute and funny

St. Paul's United Methodist Church says:


MKL bba says:

OMG This video is awesome and the other animal ones Rainbow still can’t

Rudah Reis says:

Somebody make a gif of this 0:11, for god sake.

kawaii dust says:


Sherman Sherman says:

the last one awwwwwwwwwwwwww i thought she was a puppet

Claire Lps says:

I love babies

k-jonathan-jpCH says:

かわいすぎるぅ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ぅう♡

Macaili Vasquez says:

The 2nd one is cute

Stacey Gourley says:

I’m 8 this is my moms iPad im a boy and the first dancing texture I did
your gonna be surprised I was when I saw a video of me doing it and the
first texture was brakedancing

Jennifer Slater says:

Very funny

Yaret Aguirre says:

00:48 One Direction :)

Hannah Cupp says:


Haley Medina says:

OMG babies dancing to one direction

Armani Davincci says:

Shake that shimmy baby

St. Paul's United Methodist Church says:


Carmen Giacubeno says:

its so chubby

Ella Meyers says:

That is so funny.

Valentina Degan says:

Its a fantastic video

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