Best Of Funny Cats And Dogs Protecting Babies Compilation 2014 [NEW]

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Ms K. Johnson says:

Cutest thing ever. :)

Mirai Kuriyama says:

I had this dog. A bulldog. Two. But, one needed treatment, so I couldn’t
keep it. He was big. And he would protect me only. I would have to do
everything for him, because he only trusted me. I had a house and suddenly
it had a free dog. I walked up to it with no fear. I was scared about dogs.
But once I touched him. It was like we were bonding our souls. He was
always locked up sadly. But yes he would bite. He almost bit my fathers
hand. He was brown. I would like to meet him again. I would sit with him
and talk. He would lick my face and bark when someone was with me. He was
loyal and respectful. Sadly, I had to move away. I forgot his name. But I
remember him. His soul was speaking to me. Lovingly. A voice of confidence.
When I left, I felt sad. That’s the good day’s. Even though till this day,
my finger was stuck on a car door and bended. I loved him. But after I
left. I missed him so much. I guess I started to get allergies from
animals. I was scared of them. Except for one,………………,my own. 

CloudyWreks |MCSG|Photoshop says:

It’s cute but, really, dogs and cats can have parasites, do you want that
in your baby? just be careful!

blaq7427 says:

Why would someone allow some dirty animal to lay on top of their baby?

cjmcebdb bandit says:

I am an animal lover and adore babies, but there is a fine line a parent
should not cross, when it comes to healthy babies. you should not let your
animals lick them in the face ever, cause FACT they lick themselves in err
nasty places duh. sorry but keep it clean please. anyway the animals and
babies are cute…

Jessica Olive says:

Animals have feelings just like us humans do, they are people with fur, and
you raise them just like you would a child ( I don’t buy that bullshit
about pitbulls either, it’s all innhow they’re raised by their owners.
Historically pits were nanny dogs, because they are protective of their
humans) if you treat a dog like a member if your own family you’ll have no
problems, if you abuse an animal, they’re either gonna turn on you (which
would serve some people right) or be nervous all their life.

KIM das Schweinchen schlau Un o.O says:

Oh ist das niedlich bei1:47 da hat der Hund so eine Angst vom Staubsauger
und will trotzdem das Baby beschützen

Madison Current says:

I am not a “cat” person. I love all animals, and love one if I owned one,
but I don’t because I prefer dogs and ferrets. That being said, I am
seeing a lot of “cats kill babies” comments. Please, provide me with a
source for your information. I simply googled that, and all I have found
were links that explained statistics and why that statement is merely an
old wives tale. Stubborn ignorance simply breeds stupidity. 

Dylan MacKinnon says:

Being around an animal is good for a baby, provided said animal is trained
and has its shots. Babys should be exposed to stuff a little early on so
they can build an immune system up. The baby wont get sick by coming into
contact with the family dog every now and then, just make sure you have
trained the dog/cat well. Most dogs will be smart enough and realize how
delicate the thing they are looking at is and will play nice. 

Abby Meyer says:

Everyone’s talking about the risk of these animals hurting the babies
through violence or disease, but the fact of the matter is they’re
domesticated. They carry few diseases. Sure, wild rats may carry rabies,
but the chance that a house pet with a vaccination does is very slim. And
they parent obviously trusts the animal to be around their kid, and parents
know what’s good for their children. Lastly, can’t you see how much these
animals love the baby? That love is going to positively affect the child,
because even when they’re grown and can’t remember their infancy, they will
remember that feeling of love and security. There’s a reason humans
domesticated animals, and it’s because we coexist with them so well. 

Lucica Jincov says:

Părinții nu realizează la ce-și expun copiii ? Riscul de a inhala, sau
înghiți păr, de la animale, este enorm, aceste fire ducând la formarea
chisturilor hidatice,

RyderOfD3TH says:

The idiots saying that animals can get the babies sick or kill them: yes,
if they were sleeping with the squirrels and hyenas. But they’re not. Most
wild animals carry rabies. But, we have developed medicine for both animal
and human alike to cure such an ailment.
Any animal owner with half a brain would at least have the animal
vaccinated. Most, if not all, rescue shelters vaccinate, de-worm and more
often than not, spay/neuter the animal.
People very much so underestimate our non-human companion’s intellect. They
realize that we give them shelter, food, water, attention, protection and
health in exchange for their affection (pretty one-sides deal, but, we feel
it’s worth it. I can’t blame them). They realize that the infant is exactly
that and treat the child as though it was their own. An animal has a
maternal/paternal instinct hard-wired to them. Watching the baby’s parents
interact with the child will say that the kid is the newest addition to the
family and, seeing how they have absolutely no defenses of their own, the
animal will feel it’s their mission to protect the baby. Even play and be
gentle with the little one.

I was born a few years after my mother received a puppy for her birthday.
Despite the dog living to a ripe old age of 14, we grew up together and I
miss that dog to this very moment. My aunt gave birth to my first cousin on
my mother’s side of the family when I was 10 and we still have a picture of
my little cousin, who couldn’t be more than a year old, crawling over the
old Shetland Sheepdog.

Dok DoseR says:

These people r stupid…. cats kill baby’s… dumbasses

Geekz says:

The last one the dog knew better he’s like why the fuck you waking up a
baby let him sleep 

jola patejuk says:

Zwierzaki kochają dzieci…..

Cäroline says:

My dog still growls at my mom and even nips her if she tries to wake me up

Robert Taggett says:

Thanks so much for posting these.

MrTucan13 says:

If you raise a dog/car and baby yup together from birth, watch how
protective the animal be to the baby. It’s almost like the dog is the
babies guardian angel.

Alisa Simpson says:

When you wake up in the morning to see your infant lying dead in its crib
cause the cat jumped in and smothered it during the night nobody wants to
hear your sob stories..and the one with the minature pincher..if ANY animal
acted like they were gonna growl at me when I tried to touch my child it
would be a dead dog

Aiden Adams says:

0:18 I bless you child

Ruvini Gunarathna says:

Best Of Funny Cats And Dogs Protecting Babies 

Bull6645 says:

That poodle mix one before last got scared from the noise probably a vacuum
cleaner. First thing he did was to go to the baby and protect her. He was
obviously afraid but still sat there to protect the baby. 

Darrylizer1 says:

Ahh, a nice soft baby to sleep upon, breaths not bad either.

2/4 natty says:

that last dog was like, “i spent the past two hours getting this thing to
shut the fuck up and you wake it right back up”

Kyooil Sohn says:

Animals including cat and dog have a lot of pathogenic fungus.
Babies can be infected by pathogenic fungus .
Be careful 

Ashley Miller says:

My cat used to be my guardian when I was a baby. Even if someone was just
playing with me, if they were playing too rough, he would give em’ a bite
so they knew to stay back 😉
Turned into one of my best friends too. Dogs ain’t the only ones!

Gregory Neysmith Chang says:

may I have a copy of the picture of the dog and the baby sleeping ..the
tittle pic.. beforee the video plays

Jared Lawrence says:

My sisters dog was so protective when my niece was born. She wouldnt let
anyone into the nursery except for my sister and her bf. Lol ahe was crazy
about that baby

Damai says:

I know they will not bite the baby, but is it alright with their fur for
Well, maybe bcoz my family have alergic so we can not playing wth dog or
cat bcoz their fur.

FatHedgie says:

Eugh, even in the most innocent of videos you can’t escape the fucking
retarded Youtube Animal Rights Activists

Fabricio Damasceno says:

Only stupid parents let a cat put his fote into a baby´s mouth. That´s not
only disgusting, it´s harming to the baby´s health.
Someday these folks will tart practicing zoophilia to prove their love for

Francois Ientile says:


antonella vassallo says:

L’uomo non può fare a meno degli animali! E allora perché li maltrattiamo?

criticalthinkersarescarce Smith says:

Cats are known to strangle babies in their sleep… If I ever had access to
a cat and baby I would not let the cat sleep on the baby. Vicious

tanya ivanova says:


Steven Kendell says:

I think you are funny and I love baby`s and they love me and when I grow up
I am going
to have a baby bizn.

GamerGirl says:

Oh no that second dog is going out my house.I’m not letting growl at me cuz
I want MY baby hell to the no.

AbaddonOfSheol says:

2:05 watch and learn humans, watch and learn !


Всеотдайност завинаги!

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