Bizkit the Sleep Walking Dog

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Into the wall


Moxlonibus Krypt says:

I feel like this every day…

Bizkit the Sleep Walking Dog

Benjamin Waltenburg says:

Good thing bizkit didnt hit the wall harder…other wise he could have
become a limp bizkit..:P

Gerard Deane says:

Anyone else notice the dog had a massive erection at the end lol 

Bunny Bling says:

That dog needs to sleep with a helmet on!

Hannah Honeycombe says:

Noticed that some of your videos are quite a few years old… just hoping
that you had your dog checked over by a vet. Very much looks like your dog
has/had epilepsy and that it was in fact having seizures not dreaming –
which is a nasty thing to experience. I’m not a vet but have an epileptic
cat and work with lots of people with epilepsy. Sad times :( 

Stephanie Nolasco says:

I pissed myself. XD

Sebastian Gundel says:

Wer ist auch wegen LeFauko hier? :D

Nia Lynch says:


Blair Merson says:

It’s like, gotta catch that squirrel… Tree

Robbie Gillespie says:

Jeez…after hearing that One Direction had made it to the top of the
charts, I had nightmares for weeks…stupid boy bands…

Jack Rigby says:

Just got here – this video series is 5 years old now. What happened to the
owner and her dog since?
Was the dog a dreamer from a pup?

K Rime says:

Hahaha this is great!! Dogs…. not the smartest animals on this planet :D says:

Brrrr, pondělí…. taky se Vám nechtělo vstávat? Snad jste neměli noční
můry jako tady…. :-)

Pěkný den a úsměv na tváři

foo9883 says:


Dead Fury Gaming says:

Oh, poor dog. I bet he had a crazy dream about cats. That had to hurt- but
it was funny.

ProGamerGirlUK says:

I find this so amusing

animaljammer546 says:

OMG THE END HA HA POOR DOG! It was also funny at the begining

Sara Vargas says:

Poor Dog….he was probably.dreaming about chasing stuff and got carried

Reem Jaiswal says:

#Must see # Sleep walking dog # funny

Lily the Potato says:

Is that your dog

The44Master2 says:

TheFineBros brought me here LOL

Aubrion Taylor says:

i could watch this months later and still laugh hysterically like it’s the
first time i saw it. is that bad? 

The GODofXBOX says:

Your dog is awesomelololol

Carolyn D'Elia says:

I can’t stop laughing 


as an ex champion of the world of sleep waking I feel sad for the dog when
you suppose to rest but you scared running for your life this is not funny

Ashley Hickson says:

Bizkit the Sleep Walking Dog:

DGRWPF says:

haha dogs are so stupid!

Tomer Dori says:

Is it wrong that I found this funny and laughed? If so, than I blame Rob
Dyrdek and Ridiculousness…

Syst3mSh0ck says:

Poor dog has epilepsy! 

Crona Schweetz says:

When you wake from a nightmare
+Starflight Iluminada 

garrettgarreton says:

i saw this video 2 millions time.. Jajjjajajajaa XD..

viewz bkz me!!

Butters Stotch says:

Hate dogs so stuped. Kill it pls

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Rachie MovieStarPlanet says:


Eva Kegel says:

Temu psu je treba kupiti čelado hihi

kiriakospsafaki says:

am i evil for laughing my ass off?

Ifan Price says:

FineBros brought me here

Tanya Montgomery says:

I can never get enough of Bizkit….he makes me laugh every time. 

joshua kosuch says:

Pietsmiet Wuhu ;D

Tia Griffin says:

Poor dog lol

Omg! It's that channel 12 says:

Awwwww poor dog xxx 

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