British Army Arabic lessons – funny

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British Army Taliban take on – Funny

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pete james says:

Pissed My Pants! 

Jari Varjosola says:

well done guys ; )

francess Akther-Bhatti says:


Thomas Ashraf says:

racist stereotypes. of course you racists would love this

Fawn Acuna says:

Soooo funny. Love you guys!

john west says:

well done lads fucking great

Macd Michael says:

Brilliant !!!!!

dixon97a says:

Is a new series in the pipeline? The show really grew on me and watching
this reminds me how funny it could be.

Benjamin Blake Mitchner says:

I love you guys! You are really really funny! There is no one else on this
earth like a British soldier. I’ve met many and loved nearly them all. I
love England it makes such a change from here in America and Wales and
Scotland too. People are more willing to open up and chat and pass the time
with you there. They also tend to be more upfront which is something else I
like. Barack has done no good for us like he promised. It’s a real shame
that he turned out to be so bad. I was weary, but I hoped for the best.
Just like Clinton after sickening W’s sickening pappy he sold us down the
river even more. But while you’re here and you’re alive HAVE FUN!

TrooperOnGames says:

Not real its a scotish comady

ParkerDaiOSTs says:

Britain, having the best humour since whenever the fuck the place was

forgottenmemories63 says:

Lol Hilarious video !

Fira The Feared says:

Lol The nut grab! It had me on the floor. Lol

yomanry1 says:

but that isn’t the scots dg flash i see there… it’s probably all from a
comedy show.

ParaPara8989 says:

Almost pissed myself watching this, fucking great video.

Michael Henderson says:

Love it awesome keep up the good work lads

TrooperOnGames says:

but still funny as

DJUltra2013 says:

Lmfao if anyone accaully hinks this is the scots guard then there stupid
man hahaha!!

yomanry1 says:

is this really the british army? what regiment? XD

panzerivtank says:

Brits sure do have the best humour

yomanry1 says:

fair enough i suppose. i like your profile pic.

will craik says:

I know but from in the comedy they sometimes whaere that flash and also DG
are a tank reg so I was guessing.

christine callear says:

for 2penns a month you can help him get a better life hahahaha

TMTDanger says:

Gary Tank Commander ftw.

christine callear says:

this is awesome. hahahahaha

Rasta Fari says:


acoryr24 says:

This is awesome!

Rodney Johnson says:

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we brits are the best like

Rob james says:

Hahaa! My ribs

yanthestunning says:

“This is charlie, his mum and dad dont want him anymore” hahaha

dunholm1 says:

Can anyone image the bastards these guys are fighting doing anything like
this? Thought not.

will craik says:

some of its from gary the tank commander but probably Scots DG(dragoon

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