Channel 4 Comedy Gala 2014

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Featuring Lee Evans, John Bishop, Michael McIntyre, James Corden, Jonathan Ross, Jack Dee, Warwick Davis, Alan Carr, Sean Locke and more Also short guest appearances by Noel Fielding, and others

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Todd Hellems says:

Did you ever know that you’re my hero, Rikki? Thanks for posting this.

MD PT says:

Some one cut Lee Evans and make a new vid!! (only with him!)

thefallen616 says:

Comedy Gala rhymes with fish finger..didn’t know that. Thanks Noel.

Dvdsky says:

I usually feel Michael Mcintyre can be a bit hit or miss, but he fucking
nailed the online form crap.

Epicemissary says:

Shame that Lee re-used his old material. Still one of the best comedians
ever. :)

Justin Fuerst says:

What was the song they did in the beginning I can’t remember the name of
it? Also thanks for the upload Rikki ^_^

ImmortalxHyena says:

What is the song that plays when Aisling Bea comes on?

Ruby Munro says:

How did Paddy Mcguiness get on TV?? no logic.

Bud Fields says:

This Yank badly needed a gut laugh today. I got it, and more. Thank you for
posting this, Rikki.:)

blissmd says:

Are all British comedians so boring and unfunny?
Compare this shit with the ones by Luis C.K., George Carlin etc.

Molly McLaughlin says:

hey rikki, could you please post the episode of ‘as yet untitled’ that noel
fielding is going to be in?

Epic Wargames says:

Lee evans is a comedic genious

silentxinsanityy says:

I couldn’t sleep for most of the night so I just typed “British comedy”
into the search bar, and lo and behold, this came up! It featured most of
my favorites, and a couple who I had never seen, and I loved every minute
of it! Thanks for posting, it made a long and restless night seem much,
much more bearable!

Diana María Valencia says:

Thank you girl. Ali G would say: YOU IS DA BEST!

CrazyGirls2k13 says:

Anyone know what song is played when Jack Dee comes out?

Ana Tristão says:


Robyn Jones says:

so far I have seen up to and including Lee Evans and they are very unfunny.
Lee Evans especially. I am very broadminded and language does not bother me
but he is just being lazy saying fuck etc all the time. he has had his day.

videonzmel says:

What’s the dance song used by Paddy McGuinness for the zumba class?

Katerine King says:

Thanks for uploading!

matty ristenpatt says:

where are steve hughes and jimmy carr?

Snootch ie says:

Thanks for uploading!

Michelle AFOA says:


outseeker says:

Thanks so much for all you do, Rikki! :D

Cassandra W says:

I cheered when that guy welcomed out Lee Evans! UGH! LOVE HIM.

Admiral Percy says:

Rikki… I may be in love…

Kamel, K says:

The problem with a group of comedians is that not all of them are your
type. So you sit there for 20 minutes waiting for something funny to come
on. I liked it overall. Thanks for this!

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