Crazy Compilation of cars you might not expect at the Nürburgring race track 2015 Nordschleife

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This is a crazy, slow, weird, comic and strange nordschleife compilation of cars and bikes at the Nürburgring Nurburgring race track. Petrolheads drive everything at a race track. the strangest things at the nürburging. Subscribers special, Abonnenten Spezial.
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SwampyTrails says:

DHL van – like a boss.

zaggy3110 says:

2:32 'A farsighted driver (a funeral casket on his car top)

Kevin Ochoa says:

i love watching pom*

Kevin Ochoa says:

i lobe watching pom

Dj N21 says:

2:32 ROMANIAN VW CAR (look at license plate)

Timsalt3100 says:

DHL deliever everywhere thesedays

pulchrafan92 says:

love the moke !!!! =)

Brandon iG says:


Merijn Duerenberg says:

2:14 No package ever gets late again!.. For one of many reasons: they hired sabine smit, or they train their new drivers here.

KOHL GUY says:

Lustiges Autofahren ohne Rücksicht auf Personen – , Karrosserie – , sowie Dachschaden ?

Tholaran97 says:

Those vans were hauling ass. They look like they were going faster a lot of the cars.

Wintradebuster says:

wtf did these busses with the people in them take a wrong turn? :D:D

Major Lag says:

Bikes ontop of a porche.


santoshTyp17 says:

01:12 xD haha, ich fall vom Stuhl…

Jaguar79gt says:

es muss ja jeder selber wissen, mit was er auf den ring fahren will, aber sorry…..wenn ich sowas bei 2:08 sehe hört der spaß auf. das da keiner was gegen sagt. in meinen augen unverantwortlich.

Slckboy Tergardpakonar (SlCKB0Y) says:

the whole beauty of the Nür, right there 😉 may this track live forever !

Philip Schumacher says:

Unverantwortlich dass sowas auf die Strecke gelassen wird!

Ozesu ozsu says:


Darren Martin says:

1:30. That Jaguar XK140. That would have been a cool drift if he'd saved it and not spun round!

busicrx says:

Ring recorders, you record the ring all days or only weekends???

ben rollins says:

:10 forza 5 am i right?

Auto Addiction Nürburgring Videos says:

I wonder were you got that idea from ;)

18iser says:

I did expect them because they were already all in the intro.

Atrixus Gaming says:

2:23 this doesn't look like the beach!

Jan Seiter says:

Der Bus ist de Hammer 😂😂😂

MrEmaxxfreak says:

Boah, wie ich grade verkrampft bin bei 1:30..^^ Wie kann mit sowas am Ring fahren?

LV says:

No tractor?

Duck says:

Lol rent a van and smash it around the Nurburgring…. Brilliant!

Tim Weston says:

most weren't cars, come on !

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