Cute & Funny Baby Animals Collection 2013

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aleesa see says:

A cute guy with a kitten god so flippin cutr

mylaughingmagpie says:

Pore cat 46

aleesa see says:


Emma Zwieg says:

Omg taht squirrel

Spikey369 TheBOSS says:

what is that thing at 4:00????

harou vahanian says:

the walking dog looks like a baby chewbacca lol

Cutie bunny Baby says:

I want 4:15

THOMAS Allan says:

wat animal is 4.03!!! he is sooooooooooo cuwt!

lucerogal says:

The first clip of the kitten drinking from the bottle looks exactly like my
Sebastian when we first got him. Same coloring and everything. I wonder
if that kitty tortures other kitties the way my Sebastian does. lol

kiyiya wolf says:

😀 the dancing owl was funny lol

Taylor Lords says:

For Christ’s sake, you’re not supposed to feed a cat while it’s on its

Ami Anghel says:

omg!!! 3:31 – 1:57 ^^ overdose of cuteness 

Al Workman says:

really good video :)
super cute XD

julia nguyen says:

the part where a bunch of kittens meowing was sooooo cute and

mmdandcreepypastaandmadfather fans says:

awww I want them so bad im a animal freak

Heather Harder says:

Great collectionh. Feel better already!

emily saechao says:

uh O.O WTF this looks and sounds wrong 2:27

Ash Cantrell says:

4:00 what is that

Ray Forgues says:

5:50 is that a squirel rabbit?

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