Dad Has Funny Argument With Son | You Can’t Reason With Babies!

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It seems like you just can’t reason with babies! This dad seems to be having a heated debate with his baby, but he isn’t getting anywhere! Original Link:

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‘Goo effigy feuin’
‘No you can’t come out side you will fall’
‘No you will fall over there too’
‘We all just want to jump off and fly, but we can’t’
Ahhahha this is so funny!

FunnyvideosArchive says:

That baby has a lot of valid points.

Rico Suave says:

In his little baby mind, he was kicking daddy’s butt on the argument. 

MrEstevan699 says:

The jury has came to a decision that was obvious, the baby hami over here
clearly showcases his valid arguments and his allaby clearly shows he did
not eat a cookie before dinner

Blaze180888 says:

I done this with my daughter all the time when she was a baby now she’s 3
and can whoop my ass in an argument lol

Adam Zielinski says:

Communication skills level – master.

Andrea de Jesus says:

That is the cutest alien language ever!!

Ahba Nuteh says:

A man doing laundry? how did his wife get him to do that?

Warren Ripley says:

Please show this at your sons wedding,lmao

ArkhamBoundZ says:

0:18 “I know, well we’re both screwed then.”

Gia Montgomery says:

I thought that was hilarious

Mark Wisch says:

Best video ever? Lol. Some of you people are very strange.

archerytag says:

A compelling debate!

Parks Doge says:

Everyone, I present to you the next President of the United States of

Diwalie1 says:

I can’t stop watching them over and over they make my day soooo good, 

sexiiladiidatsit says:

Lol too cute! I used to do this with my nephew all the time. 

Andien Wintari says:

Hahahahaha so cute.

Jamila Leclerc says:

what a lil cutie :)) <33

Mindy DaPooh says:

I love how real this talk is. haha

MariusArzenton says:

So funny and cute :) 

নুসরাত ফারিহা says:

but baby’s only saying-“uzuhufhdjbfjkfhsdgfuzh” !!dad should listen to him

oiyabastard says:

BABY dad youre retarded im trying to tell you some ones at the door, stop
pretending and get in here

Rojane Cunningham says:

I couldn’t hear it so thank you

leaf cover says:

psychologists have to investigate why people dislike such videos.

Divas Live says:

a time when an adult is become baby again when they were with their
babies…this is so cute…

Alexandre Ximenes says:

is too funny……..

JediJeter02 says:

I do that with my cat.

h8stupidppl says:

Thats sooo adorable 

Andre Robinson says:

This little guy is already having a meaningful conversation.
I bet he will have a high IQ too.

Pippa Wonderland says:

Best laugh EVER!!!
0:14 – 0:16
Dad: I know, she’s a slave driver
Baby: Turns and looks at Mom like, “what, really?”

tricksterhuaun says:

Well, to be fair the baby did brought up a fair point.

Lalla Lullaby says:

good language skill ,dad

Khyati Tyagi says:


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