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damon’s funny moments in season 2


Flame4Moonlight says:

I heard great things about you…that’s weird cause i am a dick…LOL

Ana Winner says:


Heather Archie says:

Season 2 Damon so funny, oh memories!!

Olivia Aires says:

Lmfao that smile he has after saying hes a dick

Unicorn SpaceCake says:

Why is Damon so funny? xD and have white blue eyes? >.<

rencia pinto says:

which is the episode in which he’s drawing that dog with a tutu?????
some one please tell me!!!!! …pretty please?

Elena Gilbert says:

” I look at you and i see myself. A less dashing, less intelligent version
of myself”
Gotta love Damon ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Jamilex Pena says:

Lol,”Can he hear us?”,
“Nope,not at all,that would be creepy.”

Isabella Deleon says:

What episode is 8:19?

Maheen Fawad says:

The background music is very annoying

Michelle Caver says:

Lmao oh my god I’ve missed this Damon :(

LenaMia Heinrich says:

I don’t like the music but the video is great!! Delena4ever♥

bonquiqui0123 says:

Season 2 Damon is my favorite Damon <3

Anahi Block says:


ana machain says:

he´s the best..i loved DAMON

woahohahoha says:

yes. i do have that grammar problem *ashamed*

lindaeulitz says:

Ok. Great vid but the background music is to loud to understand what he
sayed. (sorry for mistakes)

IlovKP says:

The thing he does with his eyes!!! AAAHHH!! I was standing in the mirror
for ten minutes trying to do it… the twichy thing… I failed 😛

asingerstar says:

then why r u even here? dr who is probably good, but there is nothing
compared to this

Cincihope41580 says:

I like the video but it would have been better if it didn’t have music

karsen madaris says:

“good cop, bad cop….. I like it….”

rudy51292 says:

what episode??

cinderella25 says:

haha xD

Heidi Nicol says:

i’d rather poke my eyes out… such pretty eyes… amen to that! <3

MaryKate071 says:

Damon: ” Stefan, are you worried one day that all the forest animals will
banned together and take revenge…?”

Theo Chras says:

so funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy in 00,1
i love.

BloodyLisBeth says:

You want tosee me naked, all you have to do is just ask! TVD – the best
screenplay in the history of supernatural shows…

Antonija Stanić says:

“I’d be extra nice to me right now!” “She’s in denial. Shut up, Damon!”
“I’d rather poke my eyes out.” 7:19 xD

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