Falls and falls funny videos funny Chistosos 2015

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Super Laugh Funny Fallen 2014Caidas y videos graciosos 2013

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amber M says:

Most of them in this video are really serious accidents and it is really
not funny. 

Melódico melodico says:

Los mejores Fails del reto del cubetazo de agua helada funny Best cubetazo

Simon Jordan says:

At 11.54, that’s obviously a shooter. how’s that funny? A few, about two,
were funny, but others were serious. Thumbs down from me.

Nicholas Woxell says:

04:54 wtf?! Hahahaha

Matteo Longobardi says:

It’s not funny! It’s sadistic!

ahmet bakö says:

iki nabız ölçüyo iki kanal değiştiriyo diye simdi buna 2 binlira paramı

Mia Lukač says:

we watch dis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tim playlist says:

a lot of idiots in this world :))))

mohamed algumaei says:

this is sooo funny in like plz show 2015 

Benjamin Maher says:

How are these funny 

Adolf H1tler says:

4:09 :DDDDD

Roksana Jonesxo says:

how are any of these videos even funny? they’re mostly bad wtf is wrong
with you? people having car accidents and shit rahh

Lucas Bird says:

It’s not funny! 

Braided Face Meat says:

5:13 It’sa Mario!

Thomas Warman says:

These are not funny your jerk

William Gore says:

Her nipple pops out a bit around 4:40 

kush verma says:


Dinrai1992 says:

is that blood on one of the fire fighters at 0:45

Rustam Sultansoy says:

Автор видео – идиот, 99% не смешно, британец с тонким юмором, блин. 

Denise Kwon says:

it’s not funny

jaspalsinghmann says:

why so much dislike ?

TheSquidLizard says:

OMG so funny i laughed at every single one ;P

Werner1964 says:

Einige Menschen, deren geistige Reife man in Frage stellt, verletzen sich
schwer (oder weniger schwer) und Diejenigen, welche sich das ansehen (der
Grossteil scheinbar) amüsieren sich darüber?
Scheinbar bin ich zu alt, um diese Idiotie zu verstehen!
Viel Spass noch beim Zusehen, wie mental unterprivilegierte ihre Gesundheit
Bevor die Gemeinschaft der seltsam Erheiterten auf meine Zeilen reagiert:
Ich bin nur zufällig auf dieses geschmacklich fragwürdige Video gestossen
und werde es mir SICHER nie wieder ansehen!
Viel Vergnügen noch in Eurer seltsamen Welt…

TheAlexis4444 says:

Idiots getting hurt are always funny. But, some of those incidents are
tragic and sad.. the construction accidents and boating accidents, because
these people are trying to do some “work” and when such things happen, so
many get injured or lot of money is lost, and rescuers could get injured
too. Also sad to see genuine sporting accidents. Fools hurting themselves
purposely is always ok.

Seán O'Callaghan says:

60% of them are russian

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