Fast & Affordable DIY Halloween Costumes! Cute, Funny, Scary + Easy

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Here’s some easy and cute Halloween costumes!
Watch My Last Halloween Costume Video :

#FallingforEva Music Playlist!

If you see this, comment:
“polly the nerd is my spirit animal”

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Mylifeaseva says:

Hey guys!
Here’s a video thats guaranteed to give you some inspiration on what to be
for Halloween this year! I didnt know what I was going to be before filming
this but now Im so inspired! Let me know which costume I should be for
Halloween this year and maybe we could even be twins 😀 Give this video a
thumbs up and dont forget to tweet and Instagram photos so I can see you on

xoxo, Evaaaaaaa

Mylifeaseva says:

Heres what to be for halloween this year! :)

Kassy Riggs says:

Can people stop making fun of nerds? Yes, you might think, Why are making a
big deal? I’m making a big deal because when people make nerd costumes,
they have freckles, glasses, textbook, and pigtails (ponytails, braids) Its
annoying because nerds don’t always have glasses. OKAY? That’s one issue I
have. Just because a Nerd likes studying, getting good grades, and learning
about new things doesn’t mean they’re nerd. And Nerds do have friends. I
basically a nerd and have a tn of friends. I like to learn about new things
in the world, Is that okay? Or is someone else gonna call be Nerd. And that
part where you dropped your stuff as a nerd was not funny. I’m dealing with
depression because I get bullied and most of time kids call me,
whore,emo,nerd,attention seeker, slut,and etc. So pls can you stop. Thank

fablush04 says:

i loveee the ideas 😉
youtube friends anyone?? ;3

Ashley ortega says:

Hello everyone I am a YouTuber(: and it would make me so happy if we can
get my YouTube channel to 10k subscribers by January. That will be 1 year
of me having my channel I currently have 3.4k amazing subscribers. So
please help me accomplish this by subscribing to me and telling a
friend.Thank you so much it honestly means a lot!

<3 Ashley Ortega

Lalalala says:

whats the song after in the stars

Glam Barbie says:

Just perfection ILY!!! Anyone want to be youtube friends? Reply when subbed
and i will sub back asap❤️❤️

Claudia Mag Beauty says:

You gave me so much inspiration Eva!! ily
Anyone wanna be YouTube friends?:)
Please help me reach my goal of 1k before the 1st of November.
I’m nearly there, I need about 400 more.
thank you x

AlishaMarie says:

The fact that you used a Lenka song in this makes me so happy! hahaha! <33

BellezzaBeauty03 says:

I sub back instantly and ACTUALLY WATCH your new videos :) 

Danielle Stevenson says:

Girls only wear tiny things to sjow there but .not to be cute to look

Anna Hershey says:

Dude screw the “nerd” costume it’s literally the stupidest thing.

Filipa Silva says:

Really liked the video!! Love you <3

Allison Watson says:

Polly the nerd is my spirit animal 

Lalalala says:

what song is it at 0:17

Arianna Daniels says:

Is it May baby

Maria Aggi says:

Shout out to Eva for using Big Poppa bye Biggie Smalls. Probably the only
youtube beauty guru who has different music taste 

Amanda S says:

where did you get your socks? I cannot find knee-high socks ANYWHERE and
halloween is only a week away

Maria Gallo says:

Polly the nerd is my spirt animal

Isa Paley says:

Polly the nerd is my spirit animal

Music Notes says:

Love all of your giveaway,especially the editing..super woow

Bea Truthfull says:

what colour braces are those???? they look so normal!

אילת סינגולדה says:

wow!! youre so Incredible i really love youre videos so much!!! every time
i watch youre videos you maka me be happy i love you so mauch and youre

Melanie Booker says:

I’m the queen of nerds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Madebymaria says:

Polly the nerd is my spirit animal!

TheNhuansta says:

AHHH!!! No sound in the intro and outro! :( What the faaaack… Drives me

Kimberly Oakden says:


Ally Hensley says:

I’m excited for Christmas because my family and I always by Christmas
presents for the kids who’s parents can’t afford it. My family and I also
love to bake cookies together and give them to people in our neighborhood.

Kristiina KMusic says:

I love this video! :) YOUTUBE FRIENDS ANYONE? 😀 :D

Julien Nguyen says:

Lol Siri said she turned in airplane mode

salma Elnady says:

I LOVE THE MINEY MOUSE (i think i might be it)

Munchie Cloud says:

polly the nerd is my spirit animal

Guys, read the description. Am I the only one that just does that?

Krista Beate Berzina says:

Whats the name of that two songs when video starts?

frenaloveschocolate says:

Hey did anyone saw the #evasonline video?? Why did she delete it?

chole c says:

Since I don’t have any fresh blood lying around..

Isbella Forsman says:

my most favorite costume that you did was the changing vampire


Eva how do you use music with out getting copyright strikes because i
started my own channel and i need help with the music

Christina Sauer says:

The Mini mouse one kind of looks like a slut.The vampire one…if you have
no fresh blood then go stab someone then take there blood xD lol.

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