Feeding Cute Bunny Rabbit with Baby Bunny Rabbits. Eat Carrots. Funny Video for Kids and Children

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Hand feeding gray cute bunny rabbit, she has funny baby rabbits, they are in hay. This animals is very beautifull, nice and funny ones, live in home farm. This cute rabbit eating carrot, bunnies babies are moving in hay. Please click “Like” and subscribe to this channel.


sunnybunny7 says:

awww soo cool. i love rabbits too

Vincent Fisher says:

Awww so cute!!!

Mallanan37 says:

rabbit so cute girl

kastrath says:

So cute! How many baby bunnies are there in the hay?

krolikovodstvo says:

yes, I will make vides about life of this baby bunnies. subscribe to this

NikolayMamedov says:

funny video. thanks!

krolikovodstvo says:

I don’t now yet. We can’t check it. If I check it she will reject their
babies and will not feed him. Usually bunnies-females in our home farm born
5-8 babies.

Artem Yakovlev says:


kastrath says:

What a pity! I hope you will make a new video, when the baby bunnies could

RunFromMeYo says:

so cool!

Apolonio Tulang Jr. says:

Healthy rabbit ^_^ ….

Inessa Mitrofanova says:

i love yr videos

Trinity Pham says:


krolikovodstvo says:

thank you!

alice liu says:

First! Cute!

autumn lawson says:

It’s so cute

Mr Don says:

ha ha ha ha Super Cute Bunnies Rule your rabbit was so Adorable

kasperokmsk says:

beautiful bunny rabbit!

Castiel Novak says:

Daym. How can the mother stay so cute? Is it a Flemish Giant?

supercarsplus says:

Funny bunnies

Satel2015 says:

the bunny rabbit is cute!

ILikeCamera says:

so adorable!

severkrayniy says:


iwantpeace3 says:


quamnague says:

the bunny rabbit is so funny. nice eating carrots. the babies are cuties!

Olivia Georgevich says:


Chey The Wolf says:

its bugs bunny .3. wazzup doc? lol im kidding cute bunnies though

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