Funny Arabic Videos

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meski Love Ben says:

Is reaping, killing, murdered, and accident is funny??? Not at all!!! How
car accident is funny???? And the one small boy that’s not funny

David Nord says:

extreme pain, child abuse, attempted homicide, physical attack not funny at

JTBA867 says:

0:07 I CAN FLY!!!

A SB says:

That first one was a commodore! I think?

Ain Sheikh says:

Hahahahaha… soooooo funny guys

MrHaxman123 says:

most of these are funny, but a fuckin car accident? and that guy that
almost fell off a cliff

Applex D says:


Leon Matti says:


Abdul Sanaullah says:

I like it it is so funny

Rwan Superwomen says:

Halarious if you were Arabic then you would understand you noobs

Machanical Mech says:

U spelled WATCHING wrong get grammar right!

Cselepák Nikolett says:

Lots of arabic noobs

محمد طارق says:

Funny Arabic Videos:

fussllein GommeHD-Reports says:

0:40 xD

toni boss says:

It’s no fanny 

Zainab Bojang says:

so funny and silly at the same time

destro7300 says:

Good laugh thanks for posting.

Dan PeaceTalk says:

Car accident! That’s terrible no way I can laugh at this 

alina ahmed says:

omg somhilarios omg do more pleaze

Farazlin Fidaan says:

bodo bin bangan

pol espadale aguilera says:

2:47 this is funny? 😐

Jacob Donikian says:

stupid arabs

Bubb BG says:

what is so funny about the first one the car killled dat guy and u need to
like if u think same

Farazlin Fidaan says:

hahahaha stupid guys

Saudi_Girl says:

not funny .. i did not like this shit .. especially the dangerous parts 

Madonna Alvares says:

That Michael Jackson step…

nagina maqbool says:
Ikraam Hussain says:


Naadir Mughal says:


gulcinickin says:

praying when another perseon slaps you is bad wich means you will go hell

Tiger Lilly says:

eww guys the first one cant be funny. ever. imagine yourself in that
situation, humor has its limits.

sarmad al - ton says:

is there some new ones all of these are old

Naadir Mughal says:

this vid kills me with laughter says:

i’m arabic .. just what the hell is that. so stupid 

Mohammad Alfaleh says:

the first one wasn’t funny 

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