Funny Babies | -10 Year Old | Compilation 2013 Part 1

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ilyass sss says:

siri n****** 7ata hmir laisse nakhdam okkkkk galik hlal oui c saaaaa

Ian Newton says:

Anti-racists say there’s a RACE problem that will be solved when non-Whites
flood into ALL & ONLY White countries and “assimilates.”

What if it was said there is a RACE problem that will be solved if hundreds
of millions of non-Blacks were assimilated into EVERY Black country? Would
people realize it’s not a RACE problem, but actually a BLACK problem?

Would people realise it was GENOCIDE?

They say they’re anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

sony shibin says:

at 2:55; did he say f – – k after falling down?

ali biid says:

Funny Babies | -10 Year Old | Compilation 2013 Pa…:

Mussa Khan says:

Really funny and enjoyable video

VHunterBillyBob says:

some times the line between babies being funny, and just looking retarded
is negligible. 

Yamini Kiran says:

3.37, So cute and sportive….:) 

satoki yamauti says:


Rinki Nandy says:

1:25 awwwwwwww I can eat them

Kimberly Marie Hornor says:

Hey people its a boy but with a girls pic on it

Maddie Howell says:

6:00 Lol

George Perselis says:

Hahahahahahahahaha she doesn’t even know how to use a water founten :0

Doc Gee says:

2:55 poor kid! Lol

bubble yumm says:


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