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Funny Cats Compilation 2014
Funny Cat Videos Ever 2014
Funny Cat Videos 2014
Funny Videos 2014
funny animals 2014
Funny Animal Videos 2014
Funny Cats Compilation 2014
Funny Cat Videos Ever 2014
Funny Cat Videos 2014
Funny Videos 2014
funny animals 2014
Funny Animal Videos 2014

Funny Cats Video – Funny Cat Videos Ever- Funny Videos – Funny Animals Funny Animal Videos.


Kimberley Blaine says:

That’s terrorizing your kitten. Shame on you.

Lara Keenan says:

That’s cruel 

Wendalore65 says:

Was the cat having FUN? People are saying that this is scaring a cat, and
cruel. As I was watching, I was thinking about whether it was cruel or not,
because it looked to me as if the cat wanted more. Kept coming back.
Kittens “play fight” with each other, so couldn’t this be what this is to
the cat? I mean, you can’t get down on the floor with the kitten and roll
around the way two kittens do, so the person is playing the BIG part and
the kitten, the LITTLE part. Otherwise, he wouldn’t keep sneaking back.
You could tell the cat knew what was going to happen, so it was like a
game, right? What do YOU think—is if possible the cat was having FUN?

Carmelo Bonifacio Malandrino says:

Un gatto impressionabile certamente e anche poco sicuro di sé.Però anche
deciso a vederci chiaro sul sistema di aprire le porte.Insomma ombroso al
punto da spiccare salti fuor dal naturale a un piccolo trucco del
padroncino.Scenetta divertente.

Maria Lill Mediasuite says:

People you need to remember this person dont OWN the cats so dont say that
she/he is evil or cruel she/he just made a very funny video ^^

Sreemathi Gnanasekar says:


Sage Suchy says:

ha ha ha that was sooooooo funny

Nickkittycat SuperBOYISH says:

Poor kitty. That’s so mean! Ur so stupid. Scaring cats isn’t nice.

Kaylee Young says:

i like this one it funny

Grace Lx says:

did u keep it as your pet?this is not funny at all u r abusing it.

Jeanine Carter says:

Someone should place that very immature gentleman in an enclosed area and
keep giggling and jumping out at him. How bored he must be to do such a
thoughtless thing.

Fran Phuna says:

2:12 did that cat just do the splits? xD

Tom Ward says:


Violet Bloodrose says:

funny kitties

Silver Yors | Xbox and PS3 says:

I love cats

Petrifyer says:

Wow. The first one was not funny at all… 

Jonah Rosenthal says:

animals are people to in a furry way they should not be make fun of or any
animal would you like it if you were a animal being made fun of every day

Anna Estorpe says:

So cute<3

Cathey Menard says:

Hysterical Funny Cats Video – Funny Cat Videos Ever- Funny V…:

Natalie Assink says:

Funny CATS!!!!

Anirudh Padhy says:


Femke Henzen says:

Thuis cat video was nog funny nut sad

Acaxia D'Aurizio says:


lindsay hammond says:
Lora Furee says:

Funny Cats Video – Funny Cat Videos Ever- Funny V…:

jorge santana says:

sho of

MsDovescry says:

HAHA very funny.

kriegsherr, Asheerliac says:


Kaylynn Gorr says:


herrmen torres says:

i wished the cat scrached his sorry ass face

Shawn Heaster says:
Shin Jaehyuk says:

This video ain’t funny. It showed a traumatised kitten. Poor thing. It
doesn’t even act normal. It can’t because the moronic or dick brain owner
might have permanently traumatised it already. Imagine if I shock you
chronically… I don’t thing you can even thing straight after that. Get a
fucking Life you kitten abuser. 

Hunter Beyblade says:

That is funny

Jennifer Stimpson says:

i love the door part and it was so cute the part you know the door knob


NightAshPack TherianCommunity says:

Holy crap why is everyone in the comment section whining? The first clip is
not ‘abuse’. A point made by another user on this video was that ‘Why would
that cat come back if it didn’t like it? I’ve practically dedicated half my
life to cat’s, I love to train, research and overall love their company,
and I pay this game my tabby all the time, he LOVES IT! I hide around the
corner at the bottom of the stairs, jumps out at him which causes him to
run up the stairs and hide behind the door to wait for me to come up the
stairs so he can jump out at me, run down the stairs and the whole cycle
starts all over again. We do this for hours and it keeps him active when
he’s not outside. If the cat didn’t come back over and over, I would agree,
it would be unfair. But it did so it was clearly enjoying it.
Stop calling it abuse, you want to know what actual cat abuse is? Beating
the cat, mistreating the cat, starving it or depriving it of it’s basic
needs like water. Stop whining, the cat’s fine.

Lili Armstrong says:

Is he sing don’t tell em? 

Rainbow Trout says:

thats not funny. just mean.

John Farnsworth says:

people shut hell up with abuse b.s and cats just spook by little thing they

Anthony Bailon says:


Shirish Tangirala says:

I do not like how they are treating the poor little kittens and scaring
them like that. Shame on them.

revi zekaj says:

the end bit the cat was so stupid

Darwin Waterson says:


Kristina Urban says:

so cute lol funny when the cat fell off of the door

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