Funny Children Videos

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Lots of funny children video clips — sort of like AFVs..

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Kavya Muthuvijayan says:

what a babies they are,i love you babies…………

edris ed says:


roro s. says:


Green Line says:

priya nandhu

roro s. says:


Treasure Bartley says:

That was very funny.

roro s. says:

Hhhh funny

roro s. says:

Hhhh funny

mdzafar ahmed says:


Ravi Bhuvi says:

The final clip wit baby and teady is sooo cuuuteeee

Recep Kaymak says:


lalawalker63 says:


Dr. Joyce Knudsen says:

Had to post this as I think about seeing my 2 yr granddaughter next week.~Funny
Children Videos

Byron Allen Black says:

Kill the laugh track. It kills all the amusement. Do we need to be told
when to laugh, encouraged to laugh?



add me if u like dis

Ana Marin says:

Funny ja ja ja.

sumi tha says:

so cute

Soundar Pandian says:
saranya panneer says:

babies always fun

Pratik Waknkhade says:
Kunwar Mahendra Singh says:

see the naughty of the children.

jesus mendoza says:
mohandas karimpanackal says:

Very funny video clip.

Ms123Dontmesswithme says:

I guess the baby at 0:24 id drunk XDDD!!

Rose Kraver says:

😀 jajajajajaja!!!

Andres Delgado says:

1:17, the ultimate scarring contest.

BlueElfkins says:

0:25 is going to repeat this 21 years later, with his fraternity friends.

Deem54 says:

haha 0:42 i bet u he is thinking who gives a fuck about life! lmao!!!

Aiezawa Haddad says:

Lmao xD

TheFannyee11 says:


LilMissHollywood02 says:

lol luvs it!!! <33 :) i added it 2 my faves!

Paulagina Iezzi says:

if you have had a bad day this is what you should watch

gmfreaky says:

0:34 – Right into her cat.

fart4eug says:

0:42 what are u looking at bitch?

Zyra Thoustra says:

0:43 OMG !! Hahahaha

analittlebird says:

Take a look at my channel. I uploaded a video of my little friend, doing

lettyvallejo11 says:


Brennan Michener says:

0:29 exercise until I die!!!

loupaul1986 says:

@InnahDora And yeah….watching it again and actually looking for it, if
his leg wasn’t broken I would be surprised. :$ and no….not funny after
you realised that! :(

emiliie1996 says:

0:45 soooo funny

sanyuhtay says:

just relax !!!!!

lolyeah56 says:

So funny

W1T3Z says:

Let’s all thumbs up who thinks that the best … 0:43: DDD

parip4 says:

crazy n bubbly budiies soo funny haha loH 😉

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