Funny Dog Video 2014 – HD – 720p

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FUNNY ✈ VideoS says:

Funny 2014 Cats and Dogs Hate Kisses Compilation – HD -720p

Vanny Traanf says:

2:48 – 2:58 : laugh so much :v

William Stout says:

Ha ha!!!

Amanda Pierce says:

Hahaha! Love the Mickey mouse one. Lol! X-D

mebo39 says:

3:09 BESTTT!!!

Alexandria Novozhilova says:

3:17 what is white dog? Sorry for my English.

David Truong says:

Then he drives away at 1:46 xD

Amanda Pierce says:

These videos rock! 😀 😀 :-D

BigFatMexican01 says:

The one at 2:40 was like “sup dude, this is my seat now bro” lol

jack sifflett says:


Sam Gameover says:


Calliope G says:

Oh you’re a cute one! Do you like squeaky toys? (Squeak)

sweetlols21 popster says:

Hilarious lmfao love the chiwowah in a bee sueit

David Truong says:

LOL @ 1:40 He’s like “The Fuck you just said?”

Sandra Navarro says:

Omg it was so funny i like the one i am going to eat you.

Юрий Иванов says:

ha ha so funny

Andrea Enamorado says:


FUNNY ✈ VideoS says:
bence kálmán says:


Xavier Schultz says:

Man this is way to funny :-) !!!!!!!

Daniel Kim says:

those dogs are so cute

chichi mouma says:

Cute dogs

chichi mouma says:

These dogs and cats are so cute

caleb grizzard says:

How funny is this

Toni Gilbert says:


Leandro Evequoz says:

3:12 jajajajajj very funny

Mr Purple says:

The dog at 0:40 is so high xD

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