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Comedy Movies 2014 – Funny Movies Full Length English – Best Funny Movies – Comedy Movies English Hollywood Full Movie
Shaolin Kids – Kung Fu Kids
Genre: Comedy, Funny, Action, Kung fu
Stars: Siu Lung Sik, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Shao-Wen Hao

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At Shaolin Temple in Hunan, the best at Kung-Fu are Yin, a willowy young woman who has mastered supernatural powers, and Loon, a small boy who’s a Dervish at martial arts.
They go to Hawaii for a world competition, and their government assigns So, the delegation head, to find a missing nuclear code key before it falls into the hands of an underworld figure in Hawaii.
Comrade So is kidnapped and tortured; Yin and Loon must rescue him. They’re aided by a handsome young man and a chubby extroverted boy whom Yin rescues by chance from thugs.
These two Hawaiians turn out to have a connection to Shaolin Temple. That connection proves to be a God-send.

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علي عبده نورالدين says:
ganir gans says:

Best (y)

PianistTrainner22 says:

Bad boy

Marijan Stojanoski says:

this movie is for kids only

MakeSwag says:

18:06 lol

Canavar Ğ says:

01:16:48 ouch

Haopei Yang says:

I have not seen this movie in 20 years! It made more sense to me as a kid

rose lamoste says:

Cool movie

John Glemon says:

so funny hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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