Funny Pictures That Will Make You Laugh

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Alex King says:

None of these were the slightest bit funny. Most were just normal pictures
of normal things. The things that were supposed to be “funny” were just
things you respond to with “oh. um, i guess slightly abnormal”.

Jennely P. says:

WOAH NILLY. these are hilarious! I couldn’t stop laughing! Especially with
that music that went so perfectly well with “humor”. (note sarcasm.)

Pigville says:

Hi everyone, I am the HALF HAIRY guy at 0:06 in this video, my name is
Harley Neville.

Georgia Alice says:

Whats so funny about 0:45?? Or any of these??

JuJu NeCa says:

17 seconds was kind of disturbing. 

happy man!!! to the rescue says:

Who else wants a llama 

MPGunther1 says:


Kaylyn Nyquist says:

Omfg the last pic 

pat man says:

1.59 just awsome

Dan Reed says:

Dude not funny I have all of does pics not funny it’s BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING 

Jaime Gonzalez says:

Man this pictures are kinda funny but one of them was not so funny

Sean James says:

2:08 though! XD

Juanette McAlister says:


Dylan Rohrback says:

Wrong choice of music

Brooke Taylor says:

Didn’t laugh one bit

Georgia Alice says:

And 1:10?? Wow a guy wants to dress as a woman, i see no problem with that 

Best Of The Best says:
Jasmyn says:

None of those were funny at all

Jasmyn says:

None of those were funny at all

Felicia Hall says:

Not funny

Derrick Brown says:
الأمبراطور الحنين says:

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