funny video game baby Commercial kung fu baby

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Funny commercial


Nadia Fareha says:

That escalated quickly.

Arkarianasa Marie says:


hypershadic900000000 says:

I’m betting it got one sale. That is, if it passed censoring and shit like

Mekala Stults says:


Steven Nguyen says:


Lisa Kouba says:


fioandblue says:


iwasapro says:

Yeah you really are dumb.

ruthrep77 says:


Lachlanfleming) says:

came for boobs didnt get any :'(

trancelistic says:

No, that is a real youtube video.

marcos alessandro says:


AyaM Sakata says:

uh… what was that??

vianey alvarez says:


djflash43 says:


Censored714 says:

Thats not a baby its weeman from jackass

XxxxNxxxX says:

He didn’t choose the thug life…the thug life choose him.

Wisnu Prasetyo says:

what the just i watch?

dasilkey says:


Saiyan Ragu says:

i wish that i could fart like that

hugokalberykol says:

It should make as a real 3d game, instead of a simple 2½d combat game.

45645846 says:


Lukas Poszwa says:

That’s a gelet comercial

Tajhae Johnson says:

this should b a movie though

03babyj says:

if this was real i be like wth e.o

tatai showd says:

muito foda esse bebe!

manguse334 says:

that game is sick faders and suns love itchoder

Khatori Mohcine says:

How can i download this game on MAC

qwe qweqwe says:

i think he went here

Mschickwith Brains says:

wow she karote chopped the legos he must be strong

Jarl Bastard says:

Its a real game holy shit im playing it now

Annie BB says:


nunu vi says:

your penis lied to you

Vin Man says:

I’m sorry, not to be rude, but that was very weird!

rdllngr says:

Looks like The Sims 2.

dorisel rojas says:

Beat him up baby

Jasmin Oates says:

Who will win???

Avto Getling says:

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

matth9w says:

This is just stupid!

samantha lopez says:


Nora Zürcher says:

Wtf? :O

Jacob Brokær Bager says:

1:27 poop

Crylex says:

Yup its real

Daria Fishman says:

it is real … but that sucks

PappaxPancake says:

What did I just watch?

123321coolvids says:

watch terrorist at mcdonalds

Ana T says:

the best video ever 😛 :))

Maverick Zu'lson says:

C’mon kid, do you even…. Oh shit.

brandon johnson-smith says:

Chuck norris as a baby

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