Funny Videos Of Babies Getting Hurt

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Holly Brown says:

When that boy kept going over to that girl and she kept having to push her
away the parent should’ve intervened and told the boy no. No wonder men
think they can invade our personal spaces

Rosten Club Penguin says:

How the fuck is watching babies get HURT FUNNY U ALL ARE FUCKING IDIOTS

drhploveboat says:

the dog and the baby must have had one wild night together….

Papa Lion says:

I was hoping that girl would have punched him

Moon Bella king says:

The baby lying down on its tummy face down, Do you need some help ? The
infant could smother also with dog liking and sleeping with the infant.
Outrazes me. You ask for that’s criminal ! 

YouReallyMadHuh says:

Lol, poor boy.

Jessica Angel says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Adam Walker says:

Congratulations for making the worst baby video on YouTube. Quite an

Emmanuel Manny says:

hate this video yall
are nasty

InnannasRainbow says:

People, settle down, there were no babies hurt in these videos.

bluegreen10000 says:


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