Gmod Sandbox Funny Moments: Minecraft Edition, Wildcat’s Birthday & Cat Killer Delirious!

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Thanks for watching and I hope ye enjoyed ^_^
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Daithi De Nogla says:

Thanks for all the support, its a difficult time without my Kat.. but ye
guys make it better <3

Daithi De Nogla says:

Goodnight guys, il try to get some sleep tonight but the death of my cat is
leaving me a bit heartbroken.. sad face

Daithi De Nogla says:

Each like saves a kitten <3

LittleMissGame says:

Aww poor Daithi’s cat , never touch TNT haha

Asgier Olaisen says:

sad story at the start :( laik if u cri everitaim

nur stock says:

Hate minecraft 

AnalThrasher69 says:

What’s the song when the cat dies, it’s sounds so familiar?

Harry highgate says:

that cat was so beatiful 

Lorenzo Callewaert says:

R.i.p daithi de nogla’s Gmod Cat
Like if u cry evrytime

Nichol Grimes says:

There is a five nights at freddy’s map on garry’s mod

Classic Car Racer says:

I saved a kitten nogla!
I wanted to save more, but YouTube wouldn’t let me :(

Duckie Gang says:

how did wildcatt get his gta character as a skin , thats badass

Kingjasonrules says:

R.I.P NOGLAS CAT dick chocolate 

Aibert521 says:

Lol 3:49 “How do we, how do we, how do we open it?” “You press E.”

Ciara Oxley says:

I’m Un subing delious now I hated

Jonathan Maillet says:

H20: How do you open this?
Daithi:You push E


Vanoss:Alright let’s go

James Becker says:

It seems like wildcats solution to everything is to blow shit up lol

Junior Perez says:

“TNT is bad.” – Nogla 2014

the darksideblue gamer says:

now i hate delirous for killing kat :(

Gregory Carroll says:

You copyrighted the dead island traler nogla .

Nathaly Herrera says:

oh my god that story xD

Tayland Whitehead says:

What addon is nogla using to have a pick axe 

HollVids2 says:

Was that the song from dead island trailer

Inceneco says:

*”There once lived three little pigs, that lived in a pen. They could go
outside, but they’d rather stay in. This guy’s name was ‘Mac’ , this guy’s
name was ‘Tosh’, and this guy’s name was ‘Microsoft’. Mac ‘n Tosh were
always together on one side of the pen, while Microsoft was on the other
side, all by his lonesome self. Mac thought he was a weirdo, Tosh thought
he was a loser, and Microsoft thought he was a killer. Each and every day,
he plotted revenge. All he wanted was for them to be dead, but it came at a
price of his head.” This has been Daithi de Nogla’s Short Stories No. 1
buy now on for Kindle for 9.99.”*

christopher rayos says:

Nogla I hope see you rage hard remember this “Oh I bet your gonna get a ray
gun ting.”
You Raging entering Rage mode that what made us laugh

Nick & Tim says:

Hey can you look at my videos plz there so funny!!!!!!!!

iwishiwasasquid says:

What’s funny is today is my birthday. So thanks Daithi. 

Jason Santiago says:

delirious is so mean. As a cat-lover i find that when he killed it, it was
offensive to me.

Luis Lopez says:

The thing on the floor that was hitting you was a silverfish 

Orlando Flores says:

Nice Video :)

Stacey Brown says:

What was that medel song u used to chop that tree down

Admiral Bacon says:

That literary made me sad

Sandrobar says:

did you make this map for real in the REAL minecraft?? If so, can i
download it?

SchindlerFan7783 says:


Mikaela Nielsen says:

8:47: “And the house was so ugly, everyone died! The end.”

supersonicfamily says:

Guyz why r u crying?It came back to life!XD

Walker Meyers says:



Fvkk Delirious!!!

Captain Drakeon says:

NOOOOO!!!!! CATTTT!!!!=[

Pedro Barahona says:

I love the cat

ross walker says:

What was the song that was playing when the cat died??

Theon Thomas says:

Mac and Tosh. Daithi, you’re a clever bastard.

Nathalie Mykløy says:

I got scared by the exploding pigs! XD

Shannon Watson says:

The feels ;(

Niall Moran says:

Daithi is that video with Jack available yet

Kwanboy 64 says:

good night nogla (guessing your in ireland)

Trippin Josh says:

Its my birthday tmr! Yay

Marc Villarreal says:

This was a really cool minecraft gmod video

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