GTA 5 – Epic GTA 5 Music Video Mix 2! (GTA 5 Funny Moments)

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Epic GTA 5 Music video Mix 2!


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OGZxFTW says:

*Attention Guys!*
You are watching part 2 of the Epic GTA 5 Music Video Mix, if you enjoy
this video don’t forget to drop a Like! You can find a link in the
description of the video to Kotilainen17’s YouTube channel :)

Rhys says:

I love the new YouTube sound when you like a comment!

Kotilainen17 says:

Thanks once again so much for the upload!!<3

DefeatCraft says:

Ogzxftw dude I have been one of your subs for like 2 years I remember
watching your mw3 glitches and hiding spots and never thought of un subbing
I love all your videos keep up the good work :)

Giovanni P. says:

I still remember your glitches on COD Black ops zombie glitches you didn’t
talk… But now you do! Yeah

SnBxProDOTcomZzGameplay says:

They should do the banana bus song from vanoss :D

Mexican Geek says:

what is the name of the song before miley cyrus’s wrecking ball 

Chris Wheatley says:

Uh can I ask a question, I saw this vid over on GTAV Videos (JellyYT) who
created this ???

Enrique Torres says:

Unknown player caught 

dannyboiiidead says:

You love taking credit of everything 

Chuck Norris says:

Lets do a challange ok? I BET no youtube famous person will add me on xbox,
if somone does, they get a cookie ;3 Gamertag: Sseebyy P.S If you talk to
me you might remember be from one of SoCloseToToast’s video.

NikeMoDz - Trusted Hoster says:

Hahah Thats Gas Great Video Luke :D

Th3G4m1ngP00p says:

Suicidal Thoughts-Biggie Smalls 

Jamie K says:

this guy sounds like vikstar123

juan cardenas says:

you guys should do skrillex next

Hani Kanjo says:

put a song called Demons (imagine dragons )

ShelbySuperCars says:

Used to rate you OGZ, always had a helpful guide on something. All I get
now is utter bullshit on my what to watch, unsubscribed.

michael garrett says:

Bullet train

MrSupahcas says:

Turn down for what !

RatedLive says:

*Great Work Kotilainen17*

Th3G4m1ngP00p says:

Turn Down For What-Lil John 

Isaac Oates says:

Best shit out there


more pls

Selena says:

That was wack

Montrell Sanders says:

Let it shine

Nancy Rodriguez says:

Main chick by Chris brown

Callum Murtagh says:

I know how to get the jet pack

GermanMafia2011 says:

How did you get that beared in game- I dont have this as a option in the
babar shop

Shahmair Abdullah says:

plz more of this and for a song chandelier by sia

KillaCrafter | Minecraft mit Skill und Unterhaltung ♥ says:

Nice Bro! :D

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