GTA 5 – The Quest of Hush Smush (Funny Moments In Grand Theft Auto V)

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The quest of hush mush the website in GTA 5
When we hit 10,000 likes ill upload another GTA 5
This video is pretty wierd as you can tell.
Clearly I am running out of ideas…
This mission is called “The Bureau Raid”

Music Credentials:
0:00 – Shrek – Fairytale
5:47 – Groove Addicts – Full Tilt To Glory
8:50 – Mission Impossible Theme Tune
10:50 – Elevator Music – David O’ Brien
13:39 – Mark Petrie – The Jolly Roger
15:37 – Secret Garden – Adagio
16:21 – Mexican Hat Dance
20:33 – Mark Petrie – Abeyance
21:37 – Assasin’s Creed II – Ezio’s Family
Other Music was from the wolfenstein the new order soundtrack

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MessYourself says:

Hope you like the video guys, Its an interesting take on one of my
favourite missions on GTA 5. Enjoy! Love ya 😀 <3

Robbie Cotterill says:

Next video upload, btw your beast how do you get this funny and sick at
YouTube your BEAST

CS:GO Basics says:

ur the best youtuber on my list!

Karkels The Cat says:

Franklinds not middle aged. He is like 28

TheGameDisplay says:

Porn ruins lives

Maverick McFarlane says:

Franklin is in his 20s for God’s sake, Brandon. You merely just have to
look at him to determine that Frank is like half Michael’s age. Michael is
just border-line middle aged. He’s only 45.

abody m says:

This is so funny love your vids messyorself keep it up.

Melissa Moran says:

Message self you are my biggest fan I mean I’m your biggest fan especially
the rap song that you made all of your videos are super tight keep saying
happy keep on filming videos

Vibees Gamerz says:

The Lucius video when Tom was Bangin the bade was hhilarious!!

Naruto Dunno says:

I picked A

nick homza says:

messyourself what the heck is wrong with you really porn and ………..I
don’t want to say it ok but really what is wrong with you
messyourself >:( 

Sandje1976 says:

love it, this is made awesome !!! subed :D

cookiegaming44 says:

somedy should make a movie like this but the plot will be more serious ya
know not getting your phone back

John Goade says:

Harry is in a better place :.(

John Connor says:

Did he put FIB on purpose?

Mike Gnagey says:

you sound like you’re having a hardcore acid trip lolol

吳齊恩 says:

Guys I have a question, when u delete all your history can people see it
without hacking? And when u on the Internet can people see what ur watching
on another device even though u delete ur history?

Lapis pig says:

Wat was that mission I played it and i want to play it again but I forgot
wat it was called

Cai Revell says:

In an alternate universe, if they those plan a…. wait wht…. they
those… sure. Ok. (I can already feel the potential grammar nazi comments.
Oh boy.)

MadMusic says:

Liek iff yu crie ewery taim.

Cameron Kincaid says:

I love the music from Wolfenstein.

marshall comeagain says:

franklin is 26 not middleaged messyourself you dumby 

Penelope Stevenson says:

Hey messyourself you should do minecraft videos

Daniil Kapranov says:

russia russia is the gratest country on erth not america and russia is the
best country on erth and russian flag is way better and ofcours better
technolegy and strongest country on erth

Philip Chucky March says:

Dude you choose A not B then you went with B and not
A………………….WTF ? :).

Howard Stephen Posadas Ardon says:

The one thing that makes people do the impossible

Lycan1987 says:

the voices are WAY TOO similar.

Felicia Sonya says:

OMG Its so cool

Andreas Will says:

R.i.p Harry :(

Lin_Kuei_Dragon says:

Good use of cats :D

Caitlin Pearson says:

Amazing! And what was the song called at 13:39 ?

Josh Wilson says:

Bammm your the besssssssst!!!!!!!!!*!

German Pirtle says:

wow that was the best video I have seen on youtube man and it was real
funny do more like this one

nigre greene says:

R.I.P. harry 

michael kabani says:

The last part with the sad music made me tear up

Hotdog Hotdog says:

No pooooooooorn

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