Internet Privacy Prank

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Facebook stalking in real life.

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We asked a bunch of people to do an interview about online privacy. What they didn’t know is that the interview was about *their* online privacy.

Information was found using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Tumblr, and more.

This video was shot on-location in Los Angeles.

“Mr. Jeeves”
Warner / Chappell


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Oldmonkey Stargrabber says:

And this is why I set all my things to only connected accounts can search
me. :)

mtothem1337 says:

This is the reason i don’t use social media, people don’t need to know
things i don’t tell them personally, haha.

I Tekkit says:

Is it weird that i did this to about 20 people who made me mad?

Sherri Anderson says:

Was that one guy Jake Garrat? I swear I remember him from his song “Water”

fusiontv1 says:

I use HMA! Pro VPN to stay protected while I’m using the Internet – you
should too! Sign up to @HideMyAss today!

Shirakawa Poi says:

Your life is not so private when you connected to Internet.

Always knew that. :D

Charlotte A says:

I don’t have facebook, instagram, twitter, tumblr, snapchat or even have a
cell phone
And I’ve never even mentioned my real name online anywhere or anything
personal and I pretty much use a different name for every website I go on
and sometimes a different personality too…. Yeah you’ll find nothin’ on
me lol XD [except this if somehow you figured out that this was my account
but that’d be hard seeing as the name is fake XP]

PurpleMariE. says:

I followed that Will guy on twitter just now.

Kenar E. says:

Ah funny people who don’t know how to use their privacy options on their

YesEthan says:

NYU chick hot

James Caldwell says:

Will? Isn’t that the guy who eats his own shit?

Danica DeCosto says:

People get too freaked out about keeping things private. There are so many
people online. It really doesn’t matter if someone finds out you took a
picture of grits and posted it.

Deanna Larson says:

You see this prank wouldn’t work on me because I don’t have any social
media, and this account is an alias name so I’d say I keep my life pretty

Giorgiaaaaღ says:

I have a fandom account so if you do happen to find out who I am, you would
be pretty freaked out with the stuff I say and post xD

Minipetsweet says:

Good thing I don’t have Facebook or Twitter. 

ben kahn says:

this is a copied thing… a couple years ago other people did this

Ellanor Thompson says:

if buzzfeed came to my town id recognise them be like holey CRAp AWESOME
then play along see what they would find out…

iDoom9 says:

1:03 bro, wtf is that? did you forget to shave that part of your neck?

Niahc says:

I get this reaction from my friends all the time. Like “woah how did you
know that!?” Umm… you posted it on Facebook. Stop trying to make me feel

Pippin Covington says:

If that guy is as good at playing guitar as he is at having a beard
Planeswalker must be the greatest band ever.

angelmushahf says:

Lol they looked so uncomfortable, but now that I deleted my Facebook I
wonder if ppl can still see stuff 

tessimmg says:

I want to see one channel just devoted to pulling this prank! With

MusicBeyondGames says:

grey;s anatomy? no she wasn’t there

Clem Sams says:

one of the first buzzfeed videos i actually enjoyed.

katibati1 says:

your video was mentioned in a geman newscast today ^^

Monster_M3 says:

The long-haired guy is a shame to everything a beard stands for.

Kiana Jade says:

I swear that actress is Ari Golds (Jeremy Piven) wife on Entourage! 

Peter Eklund says:

Why is no one talking about the guy with the crazy chin-strap beard

Lushikute Rinkachiki says:

I’m not very private 😛 I should be, but I’m not Dx

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