Kids React Bonus – Funny Cat Videos

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Created and Directed by Benny & Rafi Fine (The Fine Brothers)

P.O. BOX 4324
Valley Village, CA 91617-4324
This episode featured the following amazing kids!
NOTE: Kids that are technically ‘teens’ will remain on ‘Kids React’ until they enter high school.
Sydney, age 6
Evan, age 7
Samirah, age 8
Morgan, age 9
Tyler, age 9
Caden, age 10
Jayka, age 11
Lydon, age 12
Morgan A., age 11
Derek, age 13
Megan & Shannon, age 13

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Music by Joseph Carrillo

Additional music:
Kids React – Funny Cat Videos
Kids React to Funny Cat Videos

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This format and title of this program is protected under Copyright and Trademark Law and may not be emulated or re-created in any way without express consent in any territory worldwide.

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jackoNiaf 1567 says:

My cat ate tape!

TheFelixpax says:

Hello REACT! Please respond to this comment!

kranker114 says:

The realist:
Video 1. The cat wants someone to open the glass door.
Video 2. The cat finds disorder in the flip flop.
Video 3. The cat is demonstrating social behaviors on a puppy. 

GiftedItalianHD says:

Cats are adorable but as long as i still live with my parents there is no
chance of me owning one

Anas Khalid says:

kids + cats = the beauty of life (In my opinion) 

HGames100 says:

Hi FineBros good to see that you’re channel was good and still is super
great. Thank you for the great content!


PlayerOne says:

0:28 that looks like honey boo boos mom

liam adlard says:

They’re really called flip flops in America, haha I thought that was just a
silly stereotype.



RockPaperSicissors says:

Wait i thought megan and shannon were moved to “teens react”?

Papa Sm3rf says:

Thank u guys very much for this great video u guys are amazing at content


RandomDude2244 says:

Practicing fruit ninja lol

Dayjon James says:

We don’t call em flip flops where I live. We call em thongs. I think all of
you can guess where I am from.

Noah Andersson says:

This is the core of YouTube. Cats…

RandomSam says:

Kinda into Derek. And yes I am 13. 

zoe mortes says:

Kids react ftw

SmittyFox says:

At 0:27 I can’t believe how much weight she has gained!! 

Gakitsu Nypon says:

2:55 I swear this kid XD

Harry Dewar says:

I want a massage from a cat!

Harvey Newman says:

Whenever they speak about it, they have to do the actions.

daviesjack12 says:

Show the kids, ?? Guys can u think of any comment below? ✌️

Vicmar Marvic says:

Thank you for all these awesome videos we really appreciate it :)

Lily B says:


Alexa Eastman says:

My cat gives me massages EVERY NIGHT

Geffen Dagai says:

for the 1st time in forever im looking at a flip flop!

Weird Username says:

Maybe you could do one of them reacting to pink panther? Or maybe Tom and

Eyeless Jack says:

2:24 I love this guy. He’s going places.

Nathan Bates says:

Why is there teenagers, 13 year olds on kids react and not teens react?

David Galán says:

Kids react to Nicki Minaj Anaconda.

Chopper Slade says:

how is the cat trying to got out of the out side plz can you tell me why :

Rafiki Mandrill says:

if one of those kids were hispanic, they wouldve geniuinely been scared of
the sandal

zerosonico says:

oh, hello there, tiny river song.

RaPtEz100 says:

Dog:haha im king
Cat:i want go away from dog

totolycool says:

Idea: kids react
To windows 1.01

Scottie Poteet says:

I am not amused -_-

MinecraftSurfer0 says:

2:53 that’s what she said.

NatIE luvsdonuts says:

Did anyone notice that star from the cat trying to get out? He was just
giving out a serious glare, all determined to get through the glass.

DuckGFX I Graphic Design I says:

lol slippers…

mariasvideos says:

Kids react to Annie! (Trailer, 2014)

Micha Lolly says:

Omg… morgan looks reaaaaaally different. I just saw the one where they
react to viral videos. But shes still cute.

Hamaji says:

ahhh this kid ! 2:55

JustRandomStuff says:

0:14 boy point of view : he is scratching the window
0:17 girl point of view : he is cleaning the window!

Eudy Roger says:

im still not laughing

Desirae McCain says:

“practicing for fruit ninja” amazing.

Diana Avila says:

Can someone give me the twitter of derek?

Andrei Sfirschi says:

3:40 I swear, I laughed so hard =)))))))

Teagan A. says:

And no dogs don’t always chase cats my cats and dog are bffs and my dog
breaks up the cat fights and loves them

dje ta mere says:

morgan ? tha fack

gabrieljbettencourt says:

omg morgan got BIG

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