Lady Gaga – G.U.Y. – An ARTPOP Film

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Lady Gaga — ARTPOP:

Music video by Lady Gaga performing “G.U.Y.” ©2014 Interscope


Tyler The Aspie Prince From Hãüs Ôf Gågå says:

This is for any of you who have never seen this video! It is interesting!!!

Drew Thomas says:

I feel like not enough people are excited about the fact that Lady Gaga is
the only female in the industry who can sing live, write/produce her own
music, AND direct her own music videos. 

Sandusky says:

OMG stop fighting in the comments between katycats and little monsters …
Katy and Gaga are different singers, there is no need to compare … I’m a
Katycat but I like some songs of Gaga and I respect the little monsters !

Tima Fatullayev says:

After a year, i check the comments. Still hate.
I’m not going to tell all the facts about Gaga which would slay your fav.
Go music-educate yourselves.
I’m here to say that her manager was one son of a bitch, left her halfway,
so she couldn’t do what she wanted with the album. She was planning a lot
with this album. And all the songs had the capability to make her 2014-2015
hit. She was alone in this era. She paid for her music videos from her
pocket. She cares about art and pop music. She doesn’t just make kid music
and make kid music videos in front of green screen, and gain a lot of views
with paying to radios to play her songs.

Threat_Dynamics says:

My girlfriend is a bit younger than I am…okay, a lot younger…and she
asked me to put aside my Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Wishbone Ash, Led
Zeppelin, Nazareth, and pre-“Muscle of Love” Alice Cooper CD’s and try
listening to Lady Gaga. I did. Using YouTube I watched all of the videos
from the ArtPop “album.”

I was pleasantly surprised. Take away all of the theatrics and drama and in
essence the woman can really sing. I’m not impressed by all the extraneous
bullshit but it doesn’t matter as long as the music is good.

Every video I watched was accompanied by hundreds or thousands of comments
both pro and anti Lady Gaga. “She’s God,” “she sucks,” “Katy is the
queen…Gaga’s a poser!”

Don’t you people have lives? Please don’t tell me that there’s nothing
better to do! The day that my life becomes so meaningless and dull and
empty and devoid of all substance that all I have to do is spend hours
commenting on Katy and Gaga on YouTube I’m going to write my girlfriend a
check for my remaining account balance, kiss her goodbye, and eat a bullet.
I’m not suggesting that any of you end your existence… well, I’m not
suggesting that most of you end your existence, but damn people, freakin’
lighten up!

lily rosen says:

Can we reach 65,000,000 views before March 22?

feelingtonights says:

like if you are watching in 2015

Kelly Minuzzo says:

She is amazing and so incredible!! I live this song and music video..
KatyCat here

KingTranny Jeeva says:

She is such a wanna be maddonna, like this comment if you can see at 2:13
when her butthole has been corn-holed, yeeee haaa!

ManMixGaga says:

Gaga now 6 GRAMMYs and Katy still 0 GRAMMYs!
Go fuck yourself haters! ;)

The Gaga Insider says:

Mmm… Guys seriously can the fan bases make peace? I’m kinda sick of
scrolling through Gaga’s videos and seeing so many hate comments. Just
please. We won’t insult each other and that’s that. Anyways our artists are
unlikely to diss each other. Thanks #promoteonlinekindness

super-puper says:

SATANISM!!!!!!!!! ((((((

Pamela Guimaraes says:

ugh this is a retarded rip-off Living for Love by Queen of POP Madge <3

Carmex Kisses says:

People are always calling Gaga a man, but even if she is her penis is
diamond encrusted and worth more than your life. Why are Katy Perry fans
here if you hate her so much? If your fav artist is doing so well why do
you feel threatened to the point of having to keep up with what Gaga is

GrandmaOnTheToilet says:

Why is this music labeled for gays?

Evgeny Adrian says:

First song in the film, what name of this song?

Mario Silva says:

Nice video. Very interesting. The first time I see it. I like Gaga, from a

Rihanna Chill says:

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youtube and all other social media services?

hrishikesh apte says:

i remember those artpop days
so magical

Demi Marley says:


Leonardo Henriquez says:

Does anybody else wanna smell Tranny Gaga’s cum? Give me thumbs up if you
do, I’m curious to know! ^^

Edgar Rdz says:

shitty music for faggots.

GagaSlaysUrFav says:

I don’t understand why this video doesn’t have over 100 Million views or
This music video tells us a story and has meaning, yet is very underrated
to the general public.
I guess the only thing the public likes is gimmicks and Gaga not being

Jairo arevalo solano says:


Courtney Kurtenbach says:

Mah nigga homies are getting fame with women drugs cars and (*AUTHE//TIC
HITS D0T C0M*) #damn ?

jhonatan valencia melendez says:

es una feo videoclip que asco

Jk Rowling Rowling says:

Lol so long time since it was released and it’s a flop. Katy perry with
roar in five day had more than 20 millons of visits. Now she has more than
700 millions lol. Gaga’s career is over!

lordesbieber says:

How did this flop…

Amen Fashion says:

I know Gaga wants us monsters to be kind and to spread love… but god I
hate Troy Carter! I believe that the end of ARTPOP era was all HIS FAULT,
and I feel very upset whenever I think about it.

Oliver Ranft says:

this smelling whore is really a fucking male dumb flopga fans..he,s
the man whore of satan….yup. deal with that.

Pamela Guimaraes says:

living for love #1 on dance charts madonna slays while gaga sucks old man
dick to get a grammy? what a pathetic talentless whore she can’t get any
shit nomination by herself.. LOL

Awa Cherif says:

Lady gaga is ugly,she is a shit,she can’t sing,she looks like a man plus
she called her stupid fan little monsters

Ernesto Carballo says:

Flop como su actuación en los Oscars 

uunknown uunknown says:

So literally at the beginning of the video we see a fallen angel reference
smh, either Lady Gaga is trolling or this illuminati stuff is probably true

jaquirah knight says:

I Love This video

Christopher Neil says:

B.U.Y. Real Music, Purchase Rebel Heart On iTunes…!!!

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