Maplestory Music (High Quality): [8.2] Funny Time Maker

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onlykittenlove says:

@sparkle297 Me too and im tired of this “monster carnival” pisses me off -.-

YhL~Ze! says:

heard so much of this song when i went down all 100 floors of the eos tower
and waiting for pq XD

LinesAndSquiggles says:


Yotipo says:

This will always be my favorite Maple song! LPQ memories hold on the

Shintroy says:

are you serious with the faces bro?

Jusle96 says:

Can’t stop laughing!! Memories are just running out from my mind~~ <3

DeadFishFactory says:

I remember listening to this song while waiting for PQ. Great times.

MegaShiny says:

This is the song in MS that brings back the most memories to everyone I
think :) <3 my Warrior

SinOfDrkness says:

i still hear the mice squeeking after they die… :’)

ExpertiseGamer says:

ugh this song makes me sick, next

Itay Rimmler says:

Actually it still has people but not as much as before…

KieferAnthony says:

;( ;(… I miss my Mage! *sniffle* *snik* *sniffle..snik*… I’m gonna
cryyy!!! ;(, thank you for this music mapleDen! *sniffle*….. I like this
song so much! All my memories about my mage is coming up! *snik*

Jethro Tay says:

@sparkle297 Yeah. Each time u afk or Brb. u can see a balrog and you die.
Mostly happen to me.

flareblitz2010 says:

Listening to this makes me want to cry. Where is my LPQ? I miss my “Funny
Times”. DDD:>

asotproductions says:

This reminds me of the time I was sick and I trained my Lv. 28 Mage here…
Lost himm D=

OchazukeFurikake says:

I love this song so much! I used to lvl up in eos tower… And I have a lot
of memories in this BGM.

sparkle297 says:

I remember at the 101st floor of Eos Tower that PQ with the stop sign used
to be so crowded but now it’s practically empty ;[ miss the old days

DeJayS4L says:

@WingedBoom and everything else ._. lol jkk!

Michael Hsiu says:


KieferAnthony says:

Ow! I like this song:D. It does me think when I had an Mage lvl 28, I’ve
trained there on mouses…xD. The name of my Mage was: Zer0MageB0y, but I
lost him :(. Aaargh.. I miss my Mage!

Garuu Spike says:

@KieferAnthony *Hands a tissue* 😀 Don’t flood the room now.

Xbluestar3 says:

xD WOW!!!!!!! IM soo glad you updated it :3 i can really play this on my
flute xD ITS EASY GOO!!!!! (for me ^^) loooove listening to any flute songs
on MAPLESTORY!!!!! xDD haha! 😀

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