parents vs kids funny video

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this is parents vs kids excellent funny video


alishahopewarner says:

not relly funny as thouse outher ones on funny accadents they are better
but the kids are way funnyer then the parents big time the parents are old
school lmfao :@

GreeNSinStar says:

I think the parents took that one.. ecspecially cause they should no

farter1a2b3c says:

1:11 that was some strange physics

thomasthemooseman says:

i hope they got hurt


jeej 1 of those vids where made on my 4th b day :)

FallenFallRider says:

0:14 is hilarious

sparkleonforeva hehe says:

@ShellShotty how did some of those happen to u???

Jung Yunho says:

Some of them could have gotten srsly hurt!!

Sherika144000 says:

jajajaja!!! great!!

LostInHisBlueEyes says:

owned. lmao.

russel68098 says:

lol. Very funny!

atum20 says:

5 starts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gameadict18 says:

a hit to the croch is always funny, when its not on

douwethaman says:

the 3 last ones where the best!

bukkyolu says:

Enjoyed that. Thanks

Filip Malmberg says:

kids win

Jonny658 says:

last ones the best lol. poor kids

ShellShotty says:

Some of these have happened to me =]

Rikkusan says:

I love this…

SebAlva says:


333icequake333 says:

@gabbiedoglover11 literally the dumbest possable question lol

953elion says:

i really can’t believe that somebody would hate this video!!! 0_0

Friendly's Restaurants says:

HaHa too funny! They all deserve some Friendlys after that!

Perrin Aybara says:

final dismount 6 points

GymnastForever1983 says:

OMG!!! 0;51 is the best!!!!!!!

vierzwanzig says:


dragongirl123456 says:

Hhaha xD that was realy funny.

Artem Rayskyy says:

1:13 the best

abrayah13 says:

very funny for the first 1

lvmscworld says:

!!!!!Bueniiiiiiiiiisimo!!!!! We laughed so hard that we teared; stomach

André Teixeira says:

1.10, can’t stop laughing hahahaha

barrosoo says:

what’s the name of this music?

chillywashdown says:

funny.try watching my videos the chillywashdown and copleman rice show

Jack Wallace says:

fkn tards

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