Recycled Project Ideas for Kids: Funny Frog From Plastic Bottle

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Close Here is the first video in the series “Recycled Projects for Kids”. I hope you like this funny frog, so please leave your comments, lift the thumb up and do not forget to subscribe!
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Recycled Projects for Kids: Funny Frog From Plastic Bottles


Manasvi Gandhi says:

This was very helpful for my brother project

sherryl valentine says:

can i suggest one thing …..we can make a slit in a circle for the bottom
bottle so we can keep coins or other nick nacks in it

sherryl valentine says:

i love the display of the eyes

Family Growth Blog says:

Recycled Project Ideas for Kids: Funny Frog From …:

Sharon Santillan says:

Are you d a little dumb or what you should make that as a candy jar or
something else like bracelets

Recycling Bins says:

Teaching kids to recycle is responsible. It can also be great fun.

safia rahim says:

how to make the eyes?i mean the black one..what do you use?

Roshni Sharma says:

All of these crafts are truly great!

Joe Rohrbach says:

ur cloo

Joe Rohrbach says:

omg sooopoopo cool

Recycled Bottles Crafts says:

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