REFUTING ANITA SARKEESIAN’s “Damsel in Distress: Part 2”

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A refutation of Anita Sarkeesian’s latest feminism video “Damsel in Distress: Part 2.” Her video can be found here:

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All videos written and performed by TJ Kirk

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Lantern Jaw says:

Yes games don’t necessarily condone violence against women, Anita points
out that games designers aren’t sinister. But it normalizes that violence,
I believe that was her point. It becomes an often repeated image …and
some people don’t want it normalizing or becoming acceptable, prevalent,
all pervasive (insert many more similar words).

When a female is beaten up on screen it is still for our entertainment.

What I am completely baffled by is the denial that Anita raises some really
good points. …And whilst TJ does too, (the market catering to young male
consumers, whether a perceived audience or a researched one), why can’t he
think that both perspectives can occur at the same time? This is not black
and white, how can anyone be so singularly opinionated and not think more
openly on the issue? 8 yr olds in school are taught to consider more than
one opinion dude. 8 yr olds.

mymarkis666 says:

Amazing Atheist kind of ignores the fact that women want to be more than
just plot devices. 

ToraTiger26 says:

Why the fuck would an atheist channel talking about religion and myths?
Why wouldn’t a man save another man? There is sexism in video games and
western culture in general.

Shawn McRoberts says:

Women want to be included more in video games in a more equal role? Great
more games should (AT THE VERY LEAST) allow the player to choose the heroes
gender. That said, we shouldn’t go back and condemn previous games no more
than we should condemn the myths (as TJ points out) that the stories in
these games grew out of. 

Fnidner says:

Apparently it’s perfectly possible to be atheist, amazing and a FUCKING
IDIOT at the same time

Sangie Nativus says:

1. Over using a stereotype is called a trope. If the male character
supposedly is in love with the female counterpart, shouldn’t that female
counterpart have a character beyond being female?
2. You completely ignored her argument that men being captured and made
into victims isn’t harmful to the society view of women because there is no
mainstream viewpoint that men are weak and incapable.
3. She never said if a woman is victim in a game that game is instantly
sexist. She used an example from Beyond Good & Evil that the female
protagonist is captured and needs rescuing by her uncle. She has a
character and everyone needs help from time time to time.
4. So women being assault victims in games is okay because they are IRL?
Her whole point, if you paid attention to her videos and opened your mind
to see she wasn’t just screaming penises suck, you’d realize that she was
stating it magnifies the issue.
5. Again… realism in video games? Really? What is so realistic about God
of War, Dishonored, or No More Heroes 2? Pretty much nothing… but still
gotta victimize women! The male power fantasy is, of course, indestructible.
6. As an atheist, you should realize that the bible and many other
religions based on other books all rotate around women being weak,
deceitful, and generally bitchy. This is caused by RELIGION. Something I
thought you were against.

I’m upset now because I gave you a view because my friend wanted to see how
stupid you sound arguing very well-thought out and researched points Anita
did. You just do dramatic zooms on her face going “YOU ARE THE VICTIM??”

As a gay male person who enjoys video games, I believe the statistic that
half of gamers are women and they would like games where a female
protagonist is an option or hell, the only option. As a gay male gamer,
even when I thought I was straight, I enjoyed playing female characters.

Why must gamers always assumed to be straight males who want to rescue


Why is that good?

It’s not.

Now stop attacking Anita every time she puts out a video. I know half your
views depend on it, but it’s old.

Nick Schwartz says:

I agree. Animes like Fullmetal Alchemist, Supernatural, Death Note, Dragon
Ball Z, Code Geass, and Bleach they show the main good guy as a strong male
lead character. Are animes sexist?

spatzhawk says:

lol so the hero’s journey dictates the damsel? bullshit. you also give
inaccurate accounts of her original statements. why the bad paraphrasing
instead of direct quotes? and so she disabled comments, you sound pretty
butthurt about it. booo hoo. as if youtube comments were the means to a
sensible dialogue. you created this video as a reply. that’s not a dialogue
she started? it is

Lupin Sansei says:

The hero’s journey has nothing to do with her argument. It’s just a form of
plot construction. The problem is, the average game plot is filled with
tropes that disproportionately require women to be rescued or worse.

It is entirely possible to script a game where a woman wouldn’t have to be
rescued (or killed off) and there to still be conflict and drama. I think
we all know this, and that there are thousands of ways to do this. What
she’s pointing out is that game developers have chosen not to do this and
instead avoid those 999 other writing options for the old reliable
“kidnapped princess” bit. The guy in this video called it “easy” writing…
I think he’s actually agreeing with Anita. They both see it as “easy”
writing, but she’s additionally recognizing it as lazy and/or potentially
socially harmful writing.

Furthermore, I don’t really think she’s saying that the kidnapping of women
in games shouldn’t exist at all. (You can argue that’s what she’s implying,
but I don’t personally think she is.) I think her point was that this one
plot of rescuing princesses is all you see in any random game you play. You
always play a man saving a woman with no variety whatsoever. There are
never females saving men, or even options for female characters to save
other female characters. There is one setup that has basically become the
groundwork for videogames because it’s been the historical groundwork for
most media-based entertainment. There is a pattern. There is a prevalency.
It will probably be in any random videogame you pick up, modern or classic.

Some Guy says:

Does anyone else think that $150k could be put to better use than giving it
to Anita Sarkeesian just so she can shit on video games? 

Cynico says:

God he has an obnoxious voice and he sounds like he doesn’t give a shit
about women getting raped, that it’s their lot in life, so we should just
portray that in entertainment because what’s more entertaining, provided
you’re not a woman watching it

Kate Senatskaya says:

How misguided someone must be to agree with Anita and defend her?..

zeldaoot23 says:

Check your facts. There are almost as many female gamers as male gamers
now; thus your second and best point falls apart.

Logical Tails Doll says:

Lets think about irl. Why men are stronger than women is to protect women
(mostly when they are pregnant) and you do know there is a lizard species
thats gender is only female. pretty muuch the reason there is 2 gender is
because it prevents mutation and crap. Or it least thats what i heard. Also
correct me if im wrong or just a little if ur going o correct me send me a
source too. I have sources.

synner says:

i got a new name for modern day feminists cuntists why because they like
the cunt they like women they dont like men to them men sucks and women are
great just because of gender so i call them cuntists because thats why they
are cunts 

harry brown says:

10:40 She finds it everywhere because it IS everywhere.

Tasha Sghost says:

Somebody doesn’t recognize the plight of women. Geez even mages have it
easier in dragon age.

Manny Calavera says:

Not saying that women are never objectified in gaming. But to be honest,
some of the most kick-ass female characters that I know from fiction are
video game characters. Maybe it is just the game that I have played
personally, but to me it seems video games are doing a lot better than,
say, hollywood summer blockbusters. To be honest, when I think of triple A
titles that were released in the last couple of years, I can think of more
titles where the women were kickass than where they were “damsels in
distress” or objectified in some way. 

airbagdeployed says:

I want you to imagine the women you love the most, your mom, sister,
girlfriend, niece. Now imagine her being raped. That’s what you are
justifying with your macho male bullshit. We need to be ALLIES to women,
not tear them down. THEY ARE NOT OUR OBJECTS!!!

Wackiest says:

does anyone else feel that if we changed the word feminism to something
else (not sure what… equalism?) then people might calm down a bit. I can
kind of understand people getting annoyed with militant-feminists, but only
in the same way that you would get annoyed about militant-masculinists. But
there never really is much of a reason to sling insults around.
As far as I’m concerned it would make sense to me that a decent person
would be a “feminist/equalist” I have no time of day for people who claim
superiority over others. And I struggle to understand why someone would
make distinctions due to gender/sexuality/race/religion.

Sentinel Prime says:

This guy is a clueless moron. He sounds like a complete jackass. Please
quit youtube fucktard. T_T

SPAD58 says:

Hey you feminist out there. How do you feel about islam, the quran and
womens rights under islam (submit)? Do you think it might be more
important than video games?

Frank Flores says:

This is an AMAZING video about missing the point, probably intentionally.

arbitor365 says:

gotta love how selective feminists are when it comes to video games. you
can have a game like god of war, where thousands upon thousands of men are
killed in horribly brutal ways, but if you kill a female, suddenly this
game exclusively promotes violence against women. makes perfect sense.

Kirby says:

It’s really sad that she even has a fanbase. She is a sexist, which has
been made evident by some of her tweets.

She is not a real gamer. This has also been made evident as she spilled the
beans herself.

She has made a nice amount of money off of her terrible analyses where she
poorly researches video games she’s never actually played and cherry picks
what she doesn’t like.

She disables ratings and comments on her videos. As much as I’m in support
of an open platform for critical discourse I can understand her disabling
comments to a certain extent, but ratings? Really? Hey, your fanbase is
either going to assume that all men are sexists, or that they actually have
valid criticism of her series. I guess it’s more the latter that concerns

As detestable as she is I have one question though. While I think it’s
absurd to claim that these video games she criticizes are misogynistic when
they’re not.

Should women have more video games marketed towards them?

Impressionsish says:

I liked your point that it’s a representation of reality, that’s awesome.
BUT the flip-side to that argument is that we should question our culture,
in that, this is so prevalent in our reality. Why do we think that violence
and rape to women are okay? Or so Normal?

I think it’s indicative of a perverse sub current in our culture that we
expect someone who is a woman to experience that level of violence
(sexually portrayed I mean). That needs to be addressed. Does that make

I don’t see people attacking male genitalia as often as I see female
genitalia being stacked used as a plot device. (Talking about rape here)
and actually, I prefer to see less of it to begin with. (I DO NOT WANT TO

Leon Mercier says:

at 5:44 that bitch had three games i fucking love on the screen,
borderlands 2, shin megami tensei, and grabbed by the ghoulies…she needs
to fucking stop this shit

Eden O'Brien says:

She actually says in her video that the damsel in distress trope isn’t used
purposefully to send the message that women are weak, and that it’s just a
negative side effect. I feel like you watched the video with a critical
mind instead of trying to understand things from her point of view. You
make 1 good point in this whole video, the rest is just **angry man feels
personally targeted by woman talking about her oppression**

DirtyMikeStretch says:

This was actually a really good video! All three points were defended
really well. Good job on this one. I know it’s a little late, but really, a
good job, TJ!

ImTheOnly99 says:

I like saving damsels simply because I am heterosexual. As in, I prefer to
save women because I like their features better and it plays into a power
fantasy. It’s all harmless to our society in my opinion, and for me it has
nothing to do with the woman being weaker than my male character. In fact,
where I deem appropriate, I play as women. All three of my Dragon’s Dogma
playthroughs, for example, have been me playing as a woman. Know why?
Because women are *hot*. I *prefer* (shock horror) watching women jump
around fighting bandits more than I do watching sweaty men do the same. I
know right, It’s obscene!

Jean-Paul Serrano says:

Mario is Peach’s Brother in Law. #mindblown

Shadow Games says:

Women in games and media are portrayed disproportionate to real women, but
so are men. Not all women are gorgeous damsels that can easily be won or
wooed, not all men are super strong, hairy chest men waiting to do manly
things like punch a bear, nor are they all super chiselled, waxed body, men
laying around in underwear.

I’m all for equality (and not the feminism type where they ‘dont just want
equality but want control’), but if people want to make an argument, they
should show both sides of the fence instead of just one bias.

OverAnalyzer says:

This girl is just ridiculous. 

ImA Real says:

Boorish, rambling & pedantic.

Kari Glenn says:

3:32 Well there are some conspiracys formed around Super Mario Bros.

The Sentient Ditto says:

And you know she doesn’t actually play the games she talks about. It’s like
she played Duke Nukem and decided all games are like that one franchise.

Ou Ki says:

Typical 1st world cunt. Complaining because her pixelated character isn’t
her preferred gender. People actually have REAL problems you know? God I
hate rich kids.

Amer Djuliman says:

There is something in Anita’s face that makes her despicable to look at…

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