SCARY GHOST VIDEOS Real ghost caught on tape in the hospital | Scary videos of ghost caught on tape

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SCARY GHOST VIDEOS Real ghost caught on tape in the hospital Scary videos of ghost caught on tape Paranormal videos

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ParanormalCamera & CrazyTape says:

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riley long says:

Very easy to fake. The way the guy holds the camera as he walks in the
door, whoever walked by the door could have easily been crouched down
beside the door as he walked in and slipped out behind him. Obviously the
guy holding the camera would be in on it, as well as the girl. And I know I
don’t have to explain how the cart moved. I’m somewhat a believer in the
paranormal, but at the same time if I can disprove something then I will.
The internet has only detracted from what little credibility that the
paranormal field has struggled to maintain. 99% of the videos and images on
the internet are fake, probably more.

ParanormalCamera & CrazyTape says:


ParanormalCamera & CrazyTape says:

#teenagers #scary 

ParanormalCamera & CrazyTape says:

#teens #creepy 

ParanormalCamera & CrazyTape says:


Malcolm Hawthorne says:

Accept Jesus Christ as your lord and salvation! Repent against your “sin”

dollors1 says:

*few*! It was just Frank from American Pickers! Almost gave me a heart
attack there! “How about $15 for this antique walker?”

ParanormalCamera & CrazyTape says:


#horror #horrorvideos 

Angie geht steil says:

This is very nice…but just a person who rans past the door

Michel Ruurda says:

+ Michel Ruurda got it the 3rd time, did you see it?

ImSofaKingGood says:

I know somebody who stayed in hospital and said they saw someone wearing a
black trench coat and black boots enter their room late at night and then
leave, neither security nor nurses/doctors wear that kind of clothing in
the hospital and this person is very honest. I’ve seen other video footage
of supposed “grim reapers” that look like men walking around wearing
all-black clothing near scenes of death and behaving oddly or even going
through objects. I don’t know if this all coincidence or how much of these
things are fake and I try to be agnostically skeptical about these things,
but I think these mysterious people in black clothing are worth
investigating in further detail. I also happen to hear many stories from
around the world, including in my own town, of ghost women seen dressed in
white. I wonder if there is some kind of relation between these “men in
black” and “women in white”, assuming they have some degree of truth to

ParanormalCamera & CrazyTape says:


fabian peralta says:

Ah la vegrã 

spineofadog says:

Was he talking about her tits?

Carol Napolitano says:

Wow, most people have to go ghost hunting, this guy, picks up a camera and
the ghost comes to him. Did you see that white cart with wells move on it’s
own? I noticed that the 2nd time I watched the video.

420mrchronic says:

They are in a surgery room. And thats the shadow of a person. But… they
are the only ones there. And that was the only door. 

ParanormalCamera & CrazyTape says:

#share #videos 

gahbee Vega says:

the reaction lol but totally real

Ger Hang says:

she is hot as fuck

Ravi Jagdeo says:

That’s what happens when you get caught cheating and “you think” no one
sees you lol!

Allan Love Jr says:

Now that was awesome. Great capture.

Jesse Montes says:

That looked like the grim reaper

don cheeto says:

Stop putting up fake videos

PunJ4BoY says:

Great channel and uploads

Carol Napolitano says:

Just stop your picture,hit the bar when it walks by.

Carlos Guerrero says:

Hahaha no mames wuey 

Nathan WallfePie says:

Holy shit

Emo lopez says:


鈴木かなえ says:


ParanormalCamera & CrazyTape says:


Bosslifebiz661 says:

No mames!!! Hahahahahahahaha 

runman take says:


Samasjae Smith says:

Well I like watching scary videos but I really didn’t get it

wendell707 says:

didn’t see anything

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