Scary videos – Real ghost voice caught on tape! Haunted House

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Scary videos – Real ghost voice caught on tape at haunted nursing home. SUBSCRIBE & JOIN THE SCARY SIDE OF YOUTUBE
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Tadas Jurevicius says:

666 Is a EVIL number! if you go on google images and search for 666 and
refresh it 666 times then boom! SRSLY IT IS A EVIL NUMBER!!!

Riley Hunt says:

I Watched This Late Im Freakin Doomed 

Ashley Miller says:

Apparently the ghost wants butter. …GIVE IT SOME BUTTER!

ix barr ettmanxi says:

Like the fake vids, keep it up!

Umar Sheikh says:

Fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake
and FAKE

Anthony Tyga says:


Elijah Kirkland says:

Did you know 666 the devils house

America Garcia says:

Yes it is true, u can see someone walk in front of them in 5:19 , and u can
see something white pass through them in 5:27!!!! =-O
So creepy

crwarden says:

the music added really takes away from the scary affect in some parts of
the video. and when someone says did you hear that the music gets louder
:-( what they the people actually heard, i could care less for the

Elsie Hendricks says:

Too much loud music. I don’t like

Chloe Yamout says:

No it’s not fake

America Garcia says:

Yeah every thing is true.
In 5:19 u see something walk
In 5:27 something walks across them
The music makes every thing creeper !!!!

Salwan Toma says:

fake FAKE

Şañctůmŵølf says:


Foodmangaming says:

The orb was just dust that place could be getting more and more dusty

Kayley Arias says:

It looks like something infrot of them at 5:19

raser z says:

Any buddy else laugh when the thing said BUTTER! Lol

Mohammmed Ibrahim Rashid says:

It was realy scary when the ghost entered the building

And number 666 was a devil number

WarQueen PvPadventure says:

lol its demon :) not ghost

pinkvines says:

5:10 “Did y’all hear that?”

Me: What? the drums that were playing?

Mckenna Brook says:

You don’t have to call it ”Fake” they might just post it for

mrtrolldude049 says:

is it true there was stabbings around the area 

William Maybray says:

cut the music

Taylah vetere says:

heres a suggestion stop with all the music so we can all actually hear the

Brian Noce says:


deaus whetu says:

Dumb !!

sarah kessler says:

Guys, just so you know this is a prank channel; everything on here is
staged it even says so in description

kelvin rivera says:

5:27 u can see something walk through them!!

Storme Maddock says:

You fuckin wrecked it with the music

Neil Fowler says:

o no I skig in my spas bots

jessica morris says:

omg at 1:00 am i the only one who sees someone behind the guy 

fabien flores says:


The wolf King says:

WTF !!!!!!

Juan Hernandez says:

You sir are fake

kdogg7399 says:

Next time do away with the stupid music!

superbagner says:

take out the stupid sound efects and music, we cant heard !!!!

Christian Garcia says:

LLLAAAAAAAMMMMMEEEEE!!! God, could you sound any more ridiculous? ” the
Police won’t even come here after dark.” Riiiiigghhht. ” we were just told
( at 3 in the morning) by the cops that there were multiple stabbings
here…and they totally let us wander around alone anyway”. please. Oh and
the announcer voice is even better. Doesnt sound over rehearsed and
ridiculously over dramatic at all. Take an acting class.

nightreader26 says:

Evn if this is just for entertainment it still puts me on edge

ruben sanchez says:

Ghost:all your base belong to us.
You are on the way to spookz
Franklin:oh hellll nah

nightmare3808 says:

The most odd horrors on youtube:
1. Reussia
2. Creepy Grudge Girl in Mirror!
3. Lucy Deborah’s Archived Footage

kdogg7399 says:

lame and fake

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