Simpsons Hit and Run Walkthrough: Level 7 – All Cards, Outfits, Wasp Cameras and Gags [1/2]

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This is JDGamerWalkthroughs with video number eighty-seven in my Simpsons Hit and Run 100% walkthrough. This video is the first out of two in which I try to get 100% on Level 7, Homers level. This means I will be covering all cards, outfits, wasp cameras and gags across these two guides.\r
****I will also list every collectible I get in this video below****\r
Gags Collected:\r
1) Simpsons House – Turn on the TV in the living room.\r
2) Simpsons Backyard – Destroy the swingset in the Simpsons backyard.\r
3) Simpsons Backyard – Interact with the fire-breathing tiki.\r
4) Flanders Backyard – Open the door to the bomb shelter in the Flanders backyard.\r
5) Barts Bedroom – Blow up Barts Krusty lamp on his bedside table.\r
6) Barts Bedroom – Interact with the evil clown bed.\r
7) Evergreen Terrace Playground – Destroy the swingset here at the playground near the Simpsons other neighbours house.\r
8) Nuclear Power Plant Car Park – Vent some gas from the gas tank in the car park.\r
Cards Collected:\r
1) Soul Donut – On top of the bomb shelter in the Flanders backyard.\r
2) Krusty Doll – On top of the slide in the Evergreen Terrace playground near the Simpsons neighbours house.\r
3) Hell Toupee – In the cemetery, on top of one of the coffins floating in the water filled crack in the ground. Jump from coffin to coffin to get to the card.\r
4) Monkeys Paw – Floating in mid-air next to the silo in the field where the barn is. Jump onto the hay bales and then onto the barn roof. From the roof jump onto the silo and then jump at the card.\r
5) Smarch Calendar – In Mr Burns office at the side of the room, navigate your way towards it and avoid the collapsing trapdoors.\r
Wasp Cameras Destroyed:\r
1) On the fence between the Simpsons and the Flanders backyards; near the tiki.\r
2) This wasp is next to the two buzz cola crates in the Flanders backyard.\r
3) In the Simpsons other neighbours backyard next to two buzz cola crates.\r
4) This wasp should be found on top of the see-saw in the playground in Evergreen Terrace near the Simpsons neighbours house.\r
5) In the Wiggums backyard, at the back of the garden near the fence.\r
6) On top of the bridge on the iron supports high up; use the steps at the side to get to the top.\r
7) On top of one of the caravans in the Trailer Park jump from caravan to caravan to get to it.\r
8) This wasp is also in the Trailer Park on top of a caravan further down from the previous one with the wasp; near the exit.\r
9) Next to the Monkeys Paw collector card in the field next to the barn. Jump onto the barn roof using the hay bales then jump onto the silo and then jump where the card is, the wasp should appear and follow you to the ground.\r
10) In the corner of the car park at the Nuclear Power Plant.\r
11) This wasp is in Mr Burns office in the centre of the room; watch out for the collapsing floor!


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