Simpsons Hit & Run Walkthrough: Level 1 – All Cards, Outfits, Wasp Cameras and Gags [1/3]

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This is my tenth video for my Simpsons Hit and Run 100% Walkthrough. This video is the first of three which will get 100% on Level 1. I will collect all gags, wasp cameras, clothes and collector cards. \r
****I will list all the collectibles I get in this video below****\r
Clothes Collected:\r
Homer – Casual\r
Homer – Muumuu\r
Homer – The Chosen One\r
Gags Collected:\r
1) Simpsons Backyard – Make the barbecue explode\r
2) Simpsons Backyard – Use the fire-breathing tiki\r
3) Simpsons Backyard – Destroy the swing set\r
4) Flanders Backyard – Open the door on the bomb shelter\r
5) Inside Kwik-E-Mart – Play the Larry the Looter game\r
6) Inside Kwik-E-Mart – Use the ATM next to the Larry the Looter game\r
7) Inside Kwik-E-Mart – Use the silent alarm next to Apu\r
8) Inside Kwik-E-Mart – Make Squishee machine explode\r
9) Inside Kwik-E-Mart – Interact with Frostillicus in the freezer\r
Cards Collected:\r
1) Home-made Football – In the Simpsons Backyard\r
2) Insanity Pepper – In Ralph Wiggums backyard.\r
3) Crab Juice – On top of the Kwik-E-Mart; use the Duff Truck parked outside.\r
Wasp Cameras Destroyed:\r
1) Simpsons Neighbours Backyard with the buzz cola crates.\r
2) Flanders Backyard with the buzz cola crates.\r
3) Ralph Wiggums Backyard with the buzz cola crate and Insanity Pepper card.\r
4) On top of the Kwik-E-Mart with the buzz cola crate; use the vent on the Duff Truck parked outside to get up there.\r
5) On top of the Lard Lad donut building; use the vent on the side of the building to get up there.\r
6) On top of the Springfield Gas station next to the Lard Lad building.\r
7) In the school playground on top of the broken down bus.\r
8) On the steps at the back of the school where the playground is.\r
9) Use the vent at the back of the school near the playground to get on top the school destroy the wasp on the roof with the buzz cola crates.\r
10) Cross the window ledges from the roof where the last wasp was and jump over the vents to get to the wasp on this second roof.

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