Small Fat Babies Funny Fight !! Cutest babies in The World

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Small Fat Babies House Fight, Its Funny. The best funny baby fight for Toys. These kids are fat but this is may be due to diseases, but they have right to play like other kids. Don’t make fun on their health, just see their happiness. More babies funny video at

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Aryana Asawla says:


TheMysticEnderman says:

Put the red one in between the door and wall and slam the door :)

wiggywil says:

I wonder if Diabetes run in their family?
Oh Never-mind..
I don’t think nobody runs in their family

Johnson Watch says:

Small Fat Babies Funny Fight !! Cutest babies in the Worls

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janelia19 says:

Wow, some mean people on here. Did it ever occur to you that they could
have a health related issue that makes them looks this way. I’m a teacher
and one of my student looks very similar and he has a medical reason for
it. Ya’ll are ignorant and hateful. Tell the devil I said hey.

Invincible zombie1 says:

Red ones a fat pussy

Eli Maechesano says:

FAT ugly little disgusting badies

Kai Seoul says:

Some of you are really evil. So you think they ate there third sibling
really? Is that the best you can come up with? You want to throw them of
the Empire State Building? Oh wow tell the devil I said hey. Oh and my
favorite kill the female before she can procreate. Kill the asshole so he
can’t spend a mother day living with us good people. How about u think of
them as children not cattle. Do you ever think of how much they suffer
because of there weight. You are no worse than middle school bullies you
know the ones that you see at 35 years old trying to make flipping burgers
at McDonald’s a career. I’d like to order a double cheese burger oh wait
didn’t you bully me in the seventh grade and I’m an electrical engineer
making more money than you will ever make in your life in a month haha.
Yeah your basically that guy so the next time you make a hateful comment
like that think about it what would people’s get impression of my character
be if I said that who am I hurting when I say this does this benefit me in
any shape form or fashion. Even if you are kidding because your a troll it
still hurts to read the comments on your video like oh so people think my
babies are abominations who don’t deserve to live.huh I guess they’re right
I should put them put if their misery. So to put a long story short don’t
be and ass hole because you don’t know people’s circumstances or how they
hurt inside, because the words from strangers hurt just as bad as the ones
from those you know.

Sarrizz Ohxi says:

The way the red one runs away is so funny HAHAHAHAHAH 

peacelovehopelives22 says:

They are too cute, they look like little short men! SO funny!!

cali ocampo says:

Slap stick comedy 

Fares Rihanna says:

They are from saudi arabia :)

Tina Johnson says:

I’ll throw them children off a empire state building

Aikaramba12 or Håkon SL says:


lenny ngo says:

Why are they sooo fat.I bet their mom fed them to much tocos 

James Aviles says:

These fat kids are funny and need to loose wait

SingerGirl LetMeSing says:

you are raising suma wrestlers lol

Charlie Shenoma says:

The one in the red was a pussy.

Xou Yang says:

those are not babies, they’re two fat married midgets

mzzlizz says:

Aww, they’re cute.

Austin Christopher says:

How much for 1 of them?

Syb34 says:

Disgusting! Who the hell are these kids parents? They should be ashamed! 

coolbee says:

fatty is cute but not good for future 

Dng Aroha says:

The one in red looks so cute

Jelena Loves Steven ❤ says:

too fat :( 

Aryana Asawla says:

I love it

Pernell Butler says:


armond shakir says:

Oh my gosh baby sumo wrestlers my idea you can’t have it . It’s already

Binoy Parekh says:

Fuck off all the haters 

TheHamna123 says:

0:38 sounds like a goat

ctweatogue1 says:

Must be a circus family or martians.

krayezy kat says:

parents are idiots for letting those babies get so fat. people like that
should be castrated. not good parenting

pachia xiong says:

0:55 LMAO! sooooo cute and funny

Desiree Lazo says:

There so cute

Mohammed Miah says:

They were sooo funny

Jennifer Irene says:

Can I have two of them too cute for me

Wayne Imoite says:

not funny at all

Aryana Asawla says:


Sandra Twix says:

I just died of happiness:) life made

Judofist Ipon says:

Damn these kids or feed to much. Not funny just sad. I bet there fucked up
parents are fat as fuck too. 

Chancellor King says:

Baby somo 

Nicolaus Kumala says:


Aqib Khan says:

Red one is so Cute

Jake Drane says:

somebody said cute show me where the f*** you think these fat asses are
cute nothing cute about fat asses nothing at all that’s disgusting

marual maker says:

Funny babies

bunny facer says:

I could swear there were 3? Did they eat him?

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