The Scariest Videos on the Internet

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This is a collection of the scariest videos on the internet, all of which have been previously featured on this channel. Many thanks go to the original cameramen/women, and the uploaders. New video coming soon guys, it’s a creepy one.

(This is basically just a roundup of the best videos on this channel so far. Wanted to do this before starting something slightly different.)


Video One (Civil War ghost):

Video Two (Train station ghost):

Video Three (Robert the doll):

Video Four (Abandoned Hospital ghost):

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silliman83 says:

Why does every ghost in Asia look like the ring ghost?..

Joey Green says:

“Guys look out, there’s a lot of wood”

Angel Lin says:

Im just saying….. If these idiots see something why the fuck would they
explore further?? like if i were them I would run for my life…. actually
I wouldn’t go to a supposedly haunted place to begin with…

MadMobster says:

is it wierd that i have been hearing and seeing things that adults cant see
or hear? like footsteps shadows strange figures. its like all this crazy
stuff happens but only me and my friends can see it but not our parents.
now my dreams our starting to involve paranormal activity

MulletMcNasty says:

Question for anybody out there to answer. Why would a ghost have cloths on
for ? I mean ghost should be naked right that the way a person comes in to
the world or is there some kind of ghost mall that specializes in 1800
clothing ?

cyndi afflerbach says:

Too scary. Couldn’t watch any more past the train incident. Lol. I’ll watch
it tomorrow morning. 

Obvious Troll says:

Dont worry, your safe here in the comment section. Would you like some milk
and cookies?

stilettosandshades says:

The video at 6:00… is this a real video? What are they talking about at
the restaurant beforehand? Is the woman at the restaurant (in the
background) the same as the one who jumped into the path of the train?
What’s going on?!

Rex II ForSure says:

The scariest thing I ever have seen was when Andre the Giant had Hulk the
Hogan in a choke hold, even the British bulldogs with Davy boy could not do
help, they got tossed out by Andre like dolls. Then a lot of wrestlers came
to help but they couldn’t loosed Andre grip on Hogan ,Jake the Snake was
there. But Hacksaw Jim Dugan saved Hogan from bad stuff and even death.

Loupy Dautyy says:

In the 2nd video, the ‘ghost’ disapearated before getting touched by the
train… BECAUSE THIS IS A FAKE DUDES! Others videos are cool anyway.

Ryan Spann says:

I freaking always end up at this part of youtube wtf

garrison vanzin says:

-Clicked the video, paused it, scrolled down to comments to see if it was a
jump-scare video.

Anyone else do the same? :P

Sandi Wilkins says:

This video could have been a lot shorter if you removed all the shit. The
trouble is….it’s all shit

EdwardRichtofen says:

the party scene in japan was rather scary, i couldn’t fathom them having
that much fun..

William Badgreen says:

Why is it America and Japan? Like everywhere else had no story or video.

DOG*PROD*89 sang UNITED says:

i prefereToshiba…and Mekka cola..

Alkebulan says:

I don’t go in the comment section because of how scary the video is, I
think that the comment section is more interesting than the video itself.

Sinon Čhåñ says:


Jesse Freitas says:

I see you looking at the comments before watching the video!…Get the hell
back up there!

iCreative says:

7:25 the Woman who jumped off the train was looking at the crying dude

RaMeTo says:

I bet no one watch this with the light off :p

Steven Glansburg says:

the only thing scary is the music take the music away please

GM Ekladious says:

I was watching the sims 3-4 videos and now here lol.

Cootabux says:

I’d like to suggest to everyone who has a real interest in this subject to
please watch, “The SCOLE Experiment” (here on YT). It was a fascinating
study into the so-called “spirit” subject.
The phenomena is real, yes it is, but exactly what it is, is not known for
certain, even after all the research.

oGxfeture230704 says:

░░░░░ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)░░░░░░▀█▄
░░░░░░ ▄░░░▄▄▄▄▄▀▀
░░░░░░▐▌▀▄▀▄▀▐▄SPOOKY LENNY

Arlen Moulton says:

I’m now officially scared of the dark thatll go well with dogs and heights

Weebill Fluxx says:

What a load of shit! Ghosts? C’mon why waste your fears on something that
aint real when theres real shit to be afraid of. Photos of spirits? Cameras
do screw up every now and then. Ghosts caught on video? Its not hard to
edit them in if you know what you’re doing. Just like those dumb shits that
believe in aliens and gods same shit. If science can’t prove it, it aint
real. But it is funny to watch these fools being shit scared!

AluminiumFangLord says:

Is it a ghost? Is it a ghoul???!!
No , it’s photoshop , you fool.

Nacionalistas1994 says:

And what was there so scary?

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