“Tonight Show Funny Face Off” with Jude Law

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Jimmy asked kids to send us videos of their best “funny face.” Then Jimmy and Jude re-created them live on the show.

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“Tonight Show Funny Face Off” with Jude Law

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon says:

Jimmy and Jude Law try out a brand new segment called Funny Face Off!

WATCH: “Tonight Show Funny Face Off” with Jude Law

TheAndrewj96 says:

The “ANGELUH” one killed me.

Dirk Reurslag says:

Why did the band kept doing that awful badum tss everytime. It’s fucking

Aleksandra Kovacevic says:

Am I the only one trying to copy these faces in front of a mirror?

Nathan Renteria says:

Oh lol, at 1:00 I thought she said,” hi my name is mia, and this is my

tv doob says:

I caught myself trying to make the funny face alone in front of the

What-If Machine says:

I always love when good-looking people aren’t afraid to make themselves
look absolutely hideous. My favorite Tumblr page is “Pretty Girls Making
Ugly Faces”. I have laughed myself sick looking at those pictures.

SuperMcMurph says:

Jude Law: the original “J-Law”. 

Heidi Anne Morris says:

hee heee ;))

#fb #tum

megacultureman says:

what a stupid dump show??waste of time, get a life

James Stamp says:

Is that the predator at 2:31?!

Danny C says:

Anyone else make the faces too?
Nice face Jude, 2:45.

p1nkgrapefruits says:

I just cant sometimes with Jimmy Fallon! Much LOL. 

MrBane001 says:

Is this show for 6 year olds kids audience?

anothergol says:

1:10: Mike Myers, 2:48: Clint Eastwood

BlueValeria Flanagan says:

Que tontería

Xehemoth says:

Another reason Jude Law is the man. 

Hiru Harada says:

This is exactly what tv was invented for.

28mojojojo says:

I love Jude law so much it’s not even funny

Mike Hunt says:

thumbs up if you made the faces with them…..

Sharrie F. says:

That last face that Jude Law did makes him look like Vladimir Putin. HA!

Jm0n3yba9s says:

Was I the only idiot making the faces as well?

noa c says:

More of this pleaseeeee 

FlashbacksRevenge says:

jude law always reminds me of terence hill

PigDuck UserJaseBell says:

0:15 the pic on the right looks like Mary Kate or Ashley when they were

godogetter says:

Love it, want some more of it!! super funny!!

Janet Brien says:

I’m CRYING!!! OMG SO FUNNY!!! I CAN’T STAND IT!!!! Totally, utterly

Aktham Ali says:

like if your mouth moved unconsciously while watching 

11DaltonB says:

1:10 reminds me of “eww” xD

Rachel Presswell says:

whats your name? Angela

pchendra says:

jimmy you r sooo charming in a very unique way, i love u jimmy!

Guy Man says:

This was pretty retarded

De Naja' Handy says:

This cracked me up soo much!

Dexter McSnuggles says:

I can’t be the only one who does the faces with them…

Music Fame says:

Damn Jude Law is cute ❤️

SublimingMule63 says:

i played along with the second half of this.

Ashton Arnold says:

Does ANGELUH chick remind anyone of “Last Pure Human Chick” from doctor

Freakin Guy says:

Who else masturbated to this?

Nalilat Seunnapha says:

I just woke up my grandma from laughing too hard

Nicolas Chevillot says:

Am I the only one who saw Jude Law becoming Martin Sheen for a second on
the last funny face?

reddisch222 says:

Anyone else thinks that Jude Law looks a bit like Phil Collins when he’s
trying to copy the last funny face at 2:47?! :D

Vladimir Perić says:

Is there anybody who watched it without doing it with them? :)

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