Tonya Harding vs Paula Jones funny boxing

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Harding Jones boxing

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zulaking1050 says:

LOL harding actually thought she could be a professional because of this

Mike J says:

In all fairness Tonya Harding is an olympian. A shitty excuse for a human
being but an olympian nonetheless.

taglionilives says:

There went Paula Jones’s nose job.

Mike J says:

Lol 3:44 this niggas tryin to cop a feel on that ass. Trust me.

candy Bowden says:

Tonya should’ve cold cocked the bimbo..made it to where she would’ve had to
get more plastic surgery…

Wallace Morrison says:

Paula Jones was lucky it was above the belt that Tonya went after. Paula
said, no mas. “Why …why?”

Johnny Caretaker says:

I wish I was Tonya’s trainer.

camouflage873 says:

Was that referee on meth?
Stevie Wonder could have done a better job than him

Donovan Moore says:

Take those pussy things off their heads.

mj .twardy says:

I… I… why?

neontetra1000 says:

I have always said they should have fights like this for youtube users who
have beef over someone’s shitty comment. Instead of being a keyboard
warrior you can back it up in real life. I bet most trolls would bite their

5681trophy says:

Would love to see a match with Toya and Nancy Kerrigan.

Nathan Estlund says:

Without the headgear Tony’s would have killed her

jasona9 says:

Tonya tried her hand at pro boxing after this….I think this was the only
fight she won though.

Randy Bailin says:

Tonya Harding was an athlete. She could probably kick most men’s ass.
Paula Jones was a bimbo. Who came up w/ this matchup? 

Antonio Bendejos says:

Poor Paula lmao

Dan Williams says:

This shit was genius. Take two hated women, give them boxing gloves and a
bunch of money, profit. Lol, crazy.

Mike Michael says:

I’m not a fan of Harding, but I’m glad she fed that cunt Paula some shots.

dirk nuinski says:

this is like watching paint dry

RayPlayz says:


dbergerac says:

The fight was supposed to be Harding vs Amy Fisher, but Fisher’s parole
conditions prevented her from going through with it, Paula Jones graciously
stepped in at virtually the last moment unprepared and it really showed.

Larry Coburn says:

Ha, ha paulas probably better in the sack

Mustang Monterini says:

Paula Jones is the prime example of a woman who’s daddy and mommy didn’t
care enough to ensure she learned how to defend herself. 

matthew mann says:

Paula could have waited for Tonya to tire I guess by the footwork.

purpandorange says:

Wait so a figure skater boxed the women that Bill Clinton Fucked? Where do
they come up with these pairings? 

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