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“When a college student becomes stranded at a trailer park in rural Mississippi, he bargains his way home with a sheet of L.S.D.”

If this was a trip for you, p̲l̲e̲a̲s̲e̲ ̲c̲l̲i̲c̲k̲ ̲t̲h̲e̲ ̲t̲h̲u̲m̲b̲s̲ ̲u̲p̲ ̲&̲ ̲v̲o̲t̲e̲ ̲u̲s̲ ̲a̲ ̲p̲l̲e̲t̲h̲o̲r̲a̲ ̲o̲f̲ ̲s̲t̲a̲r̲s̲ ̲o̲n̲ ̲I̲M̲D̲b̲: BACKYARD SHED FILMS is a New Orleans based independent film company. We depend on viewers to spread the good word of TRAILER PARK JESUS, so share this link far & wide!

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Mary Smithson says:

Almost stopped watching because the first few minutes make it look like
typical teenage trash and nothing unique. Turns out it had some
interesting moments that were better. The guy who gets people to buy stuff
for him reminds me too much of the people who live around here though –
eerily realistic. Wouldn’t be a stretch for Jesus to live in a trailer
park when he comes back – he was never a snob.

James Pearson says:

I am born and raised in New Orleans but because of Katrina and crime I now
live in a little sleepy town not 30 miles from N.O. so I have the best of
both worlds ,I enjoyed your movie but I’m having a problem with your title
and with lines like in the Father, Son & Holy Dose come on get real God
loves you brother and so do

Richard Vazquez says:

This movie was awesome I didn’t care much for the title but it was funny
and fun to watch and Sarah&Mary was the sexyiest things in this film
enjoyed them to but I think it would have been better if Missouri invited
Sara to go with him

Marc K says:

I really enjoyed this movie and not just because of the acid

thetruth says:

It could be funny but who ever wrote it is a joke

Russell M Kenny says:

100% Shit

James Pearson says:

I am a product of the hippy generation and driving while tripping is not a
smart thing to do because you tend to see huge chickens in the road . 

vanheger karl says:

Jesus walks thru a rotten trailer park and saves the people. But then
greedy doctors and dirty politicians plot to kill poor Jesus and build huge
hospitals. The people die in those hospitals at the hands of thieving
doctors. They die with smiles, though, because they remember the day Jesus
came as LSD. The thieving doctors gave the people something that sends them
to hell anyway. In the end. Jesus melts

peter brooks says:

I really enjoyed the film from start to finish…very good , natural acting
,very funny, unusual story line. I loved it.
let’s see some more???

Pelham Wilson says:

Brilliant, the cast were very engaging and natural, i was drawn into the
whole experience and the communal vibe really lifted my spirits.
Wouldn’t it be cool to go around poor houso’ locations like this and give
them a dose of the good vibe. But then someone has a bad trip and reality
hits home.
Do a sequel. That would be great as the characters were developing nicely.

Bigsecretweapon wmd says:

where can i buy “ultimate fighterman”?

Ezra Richards says:

Not bad – the psychedelic scene owes a lot to the one in Dead Man’s Shoes
which is a far more intense trip — as you’ll know if you’ve seen it.

Shivani Kumar says:

Very nice movie..wish it was a little longer in duration..would love to see
a sequel of it

Richard Feldman says:

This movie was a gem. Very authentic, and sweet. The portrayal of the
trailer park resident was wonderfully respectful and brought a true
sincerity to the film.
A real sleeper, a real American comedy.

Mario Henry says:

The movie turned to be very hilarious, I couldn’t stop laughing, you guys
are amazingly funny..The movie was real and different, very rural and not
too hollywood, great writers too, poor Jessie cause a mess in the trailer
park and at least Mary stood up for whats right, but I hope people see the
positive side of the movie that drugs is no good and make you act silly and
out of control..I hope there is a part two….dwl

Jenelle Taylor says:

I love Mary <3
always keeping it real 

coll68 says:

would defo love to see a sequel, go for it guys,,,,,pleeeeeze!!!!!

lunchboxmtbr1 says:

I really enjoyed this film. It was a refreshing break from the norm, and
nobody felt like they were acting. It was also nice to see a movie that
wasn’t trying too hard to be anything at all. It was natural and flowing
and I especially liked the performance by Mr Dardant. I was fully expecting
something dramatic to happen because of the trip, and loved the fact that
it turned out to be nothing more than people enjoying themselves rather
than overly scripted and predictable.


Mike Irwin says:

grin – i was tie4d watched this movie from 10 p starts of dark and
gradually gets so light so cool…i laughed smile laughed well done you
guys……t i got high just watching and had these crazy coo l dreams when
i fell alseep after movie

Dominic Lamanna says:

This movie fucking sucks, got 12 mins in and couldnt watch it one more
minute. total garbage. what the fuck were you people watching?!

Gracie Horton says:

Its not exactly a “REAL” movie and not as professional as I thought it
would be but it took place In a basement so I give respects for having the
courage to film a movie …..and I liked the first 12mins and the last hour
of the movie and if any one doesn’t like it then on behalf of me and the
CARE BITE IT ) if you kno that wat you are about to say about this film is
disrespectful then plzzz dont let it cum onto the comments because its not
nice and you dont kno how hard they worked on this its their best
work(hopefully) and dont judge that last time a checked I see no films
created by you +Dominic Lamana

me1anejane1 says:

i thought it was funny…:) 

MsMilkytheclown1 says:

Perfect mood builder movie :)

LifeIsARide says:

I was about to leave ads comedy is defiantly not a genre I particularly
like. But I’m glad I stuck around, it was pretty good. I didn’t find it
that funny, defiantly a fun watch though.

I personally feel this could’ve been a TV series too. You should do a
sequel movie.

Aaron KING says:

I’m not usually into these films but it was decent to watch. Good work for
being filmed for under £30,000! Good luck on the future films you make. so
well done from an Englishman. 

tomas napoleao says:

enjoyed to see the film very natural and we can see that u didnt had much
money some time its good to see films with a lower category so we can
understand what good and whats not keep up 

maconsumner says:

This movie kind of reminded me of that movie idiocracy.

Richard Vazquez says:

Backyard she’d films is the best Thanks for replying you honesty have a fan
for life now.
Backyard she’d films is % 100 in my book. Thanks for the reply and the

Cathy Crook says:

This movie belongs with “Birdemic” and “The Room” – total crap, but so

Zulfiquer Ahmed Amin says:

What is the message? One can be that LSD takes you to heaven and dream
land. That is not good; as it advertises for something very bad. Other
presumption may be that city boys are evils; which is also not correct

Nutritional money says:

You guys definitely need to make a sequel! (like this message if you
agree!!!) I like the idea of Jessie and Sara traveling, just not the cross
country idea. I like the southern trailer trash feel of the movie.
Anyways, here’s my idea!

Trailer Park Jesus II: The Return of Jessie

Sara travels to find Jessie (either to Missouri or his dorm room)
because the trailer parks in trouble! There is a new “anti-drug”
administrator of the county counsel (or city Mayor) and he wants to remove
all trailer parks (It’s the boonies, doesn’t have to be but 3-4 trailer
parks.) in his county. The administrator had troubling memories of growing
up in a trailer park, his mom was always sleeping around and doing drugs.
Sara didn’t know who else to turn to, so she gathered up some donations
from her trailer park and found Jessie. After a little convincing Jessie
decides to help and Jessie and Sara set sail! They use the money to
purchase some LSD and travel to all the trailer parks in Sara’s county.
They start passing out the Love and Peace message, along with a few hits
of course. They gather up all kinds of support and start their hippie
protesting! Some way or another the administrator either accidentally takes
or gets slipped a hit of acid and in a moment of bad tripping about his
past he decides to change his mind.

I dunno, just sort of my 5 minutes of thought =] I just think
the idea of some bad guy trying to tear down the trailer parks and adding
more people tripping would make for a great sequel!


Michelle Andrews says:

I have watched it three times since yesterday! Excellent, well done :)

….but what is with the “followers” and “disciples” and “ministry” stuff?
A joke? Just curious, hope there is a part two. I want in! I would love
to be in your sequel….this movie is so random.

Peebo Pubbies says:

Honestly, this movie reminds me a lot of a Canadian comedy called “Phil the
Alien” in the rambling incoherent slapstick method of jerking a laugh out
of you. Well done, artsy type comedy. Much much better than the shit they
call shitcoms on tele… especially American canned laugh bullshit. By the
way, “Phil The Alien is in my top 20 all-time favorite movies, so, awesome
job youse who dood this flick. ;-)

Joe Boak says:

I was skeptical at first, but fell in love with it so much I had to stay up
past midnight to finish it. And a lot of trailer parks and even apartment
complex have the same kind of people like this, I even was so into it that
at the end I was hoping Jessie would stay or take Sara with him. Shes hot.
Great Movie 

sam deshann says:

I tripped in a trailer park many times. Pompano Beach Fl. ’71 ’72’73 God
bless all my brothers and sisters, Gary RIP Good movie the actors were
real people, Thanks

Zarathustra Owens says:

this is a superb film. i was more and more impressed as the story
developed. i think its the kind movie for folks who have been through such
an experience already and others wont “get it”. it accurately captures this
kinda experience and the ‘humor’ that isnt humor because its real. i
compare this film to a B version of any hal hartley film….awesome work
guys!! ill be looking for a sequel and your other film work.

straydogg13 says:

Movie starts out slow and i almost moved on but glad i didnt. It gets
better give it a chance. Its a combination of trailer park boys and the
movie spun.


Guess you have to be high or something to get this movie :p

rick jin says:

I WANT these as my friends !

lv2surf says:

Dear Backyard Shed Films..What a gem… you guys did a excellent job with
this movie and sound track. The cast is funny and the story line is very
entertaining and factual to how people act when they are tripping…. As
someone in their 50s who has traveled and done alot..I watched this with
my friends and we all enjoyed it very much…Forget the naysayers. Keep
making movies and entertaining people thats what its all about!! Two thumbs

Heather James says:

That Jesse guy is dang sexy.

Waymore Williams says:

WOW. Great film! Never heard of it but i was just browsing around. On a
whim, i decided to watch is.. i sure am glad i did! great acting! great
directing! great story! This would be an easy plot to really run into the
ground… it is pulled off very well. save your trip to the video store and
just press play… get it?… trip…


We need a sequel: My idea is that the guy comes back to the park 6 months
later and contacts the girl and they go on
a road trip through the Southwest and West Coast. Of course they have
another sheet of LSD to add some color to the

Nutritional money says:

Epic! 23:56 “Alright kids, snack time.”

Michel Stronguin says:

What threw me off is the fact he uses an old cellphone instead of a

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