Would You Steal From A Car? (Social Experiment) – Confronting THIEFS! – Funny Videos

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FRlKK says:

Make sure to check out the amazing +Johal for more awesome content!

turowat says:

motherfuckers!, There should be an application to explode the phones if
they are stolen.

siena-ella currie says:


Nataliaxox says:

Just black people

CODDisplay TheOverGun says:

Obviously fake. Make a real one next time.

OnTaRgEt16 says:

They were all black?

Danial Mahmud says:

I’m guessing all of them are nigro

beardan76 says:

You should conduct a social experiment to see if other people also don’t
know how to spell thieves…

Carlos Reyes says:

Clearly fake those niggers would never apologize one look at him he would
of got punched out did you hear the last monkey say sorry sir 

JrArtIc says:

Guys the reason why it was black is beacuse the rich people people know r
white. Ps im white

vvvortic's cat says:

fuck man again this niggers. i said: all these fuqqing niggers from africa
u must agree with me

azozvideogames says:


Adam Eyer says:

Always blacks, 

TheEasyontheeyes says:

Fuckin niggers man and they say racism !! Ok so not all are like that but
ther sure are a shit load

TheSureChuck says:

Awesome idea bros

FaDeD TsuNamI says:

Not trying to sound racist

michael farentino says:
winston pinto says:


GRIIM NK says:

They build a bad reputation for themselves. 

nerox lara says:

fook niggers rats

Roy Raven says:

Am i the only one who thinks this pranks are useless? Majority of people
would steal anything if it was placed like that unguarded,this is
reality,it sucks i know but shit like this happens always..

Eyden Natinga says:

As always black crimes 

Anonymouse says:

w0000h00000 16th viewer

eatyourteacher says:

Opportunities like this make people thieves. Don’t leave your stuff out in
the open. Anyone who grew up in a poor neighborhood with poor parents would
take an opportunity like this. This is entrapment and wrong.

rreolle says:

they where all black guys? Where was this done.

Tong Carlos says:

All are black!

creamieevolution says:


Xadem says:

FAKE as fuck. The reactions are obviously scripted. 

723lion says:

No surprises on who will be stealing.

FaDeD TsuNamI says:

Lol I realized everyone who stole was black 

National Supers Agent says:

I was just checking out their phones… borrowing them…

bobylopo says:

More like don’t leave your windows down.

PortableAppz1 says:

nigger always steal

JanDasBaas :D says:

Awesome video again

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